County Supervisors Declare Synthetic Stimulants A Public Nuisance

County Supervisors continued their crackdown on synthetic drugs at a board meeting today.

The drugs, also known as "spice" and bath salts, are now considered a public nuisance in unincorporated areas of San Diego County. The declaration is meant to deter businesses from selling the designer drugs.

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis says the "nuisance abatement ordinance" will "hit businesses where it counts" if they decide to ignore state laws and continue offering synthetics at their stores.

"These are dangerous synthetic drugs that can lead to violent, psychotic behavior," said Dumanis. "We have already seen two deaths last year from this dangerous drug and we all heard about actress Demi Moore and how her friend called 911 and talked about what Spice did to her."

Supervisors directed county staff to return within 60 days with an ordinance that would make synthetic stimulants and cannabinoids a public nuisance.

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What is a true nuisance here in San Diego is grandstanding politicians who call press conferences when they are running for Mayor to try and get themselves face time. The most dangerous threat to the health and safety of our citizenry may well be the pathetic, conniving politicos who will stop at nothing to move themselves up the ambition ladder. The unfortunate reality is that they usually care not a wit for any of the poor, addled souls who use these drugs, including as Bonnie noted, "Demi Moore." Compassion and concern for others would require a scintilla of conscious that these shameless hack candidates most certainly lack.

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