Producer of the failed horse show, Valitar, slapped with more lawsuits

Mark Remley, Valitar's producer, named in another lawsuit.

Mark Remley's court appearance may soon outnumber the number of performances that his failed horse-human acrobatic show Valitar had at the Del Mar Fairgrounds.

On December 18, Remley, his on and off again wife Tatyana, and their production company Equustria Development Inc, were named in a yet another lawsuit for failing to pay vendors who worked on Valitar.

The lawsuit was filed by the private security firm, Elite Show Services.

According to court documents, Remley entered into an agreement with Elite in September 2012 to provide security services for the show. The lawsuit accuses Remley of refusing to pay Elite the sum of $65,750 for services rendered.

The lawsuit is just the">latest in what may be series of lawsuits from vendors after Remley pulled the plug after only four showings due to sluggish ticket sales. Valitar's failure has been blamed on a lack of direction and organization as well as on competition from rival horse acrobatics show, Cavalia, which held simultaneous performances in downtown San Diego.

Just last week, a group of other vendors met with a lawyer to file what might be the third lawsuit against Remley and his development company Equustria.

Bobby Buchanan, owner of Buchanan Design and Detour Photography in San Diego, was hired to do all the branding and design for the show. Buchanan's company will join three other companies American Stalls, Bella Vie Interior, and Durland Productions as well as Florida-based design company, Parker Brothers Concepts.

"There is a group of unpaid vendors who have just hired an attorney and will be following Showtec to demand payment for the amount owed to us as well," wrote Buchanan.

"Just between the four local companies Remley owes a little over $390,000. And when you add Parker Brothers the total amount is $430,000. This isn't a small amount. We all worked really hard for Remley. He could have handled it ten different ways but he didn't."

Correction: An earlier version of this story gave the wrong amount owed to local vendors. That amount has been changed">">

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Don't these show producers usually get insurance for situations like this? Obviously, this guys didn't, but I wonder if they usually do.

JavaJoe, I'm not sure about the insurance. As you can imagine, Remley has been pretty hard to track down as of late. That said, it wouldn't surprise me if there wasn't a policy for this. The people I spoke to said the whole thing was a mess and without the help and work of all the vendors, the show would never have gotten off the ground.

Don't these show producers usually get insurance for situations like this?

The venue probably required insurance in order to lease the premises, didn't think about that.

What's the point of paying to file a lawsuit against an entity with no money? Unless you have reason to believe you can pierce the corporate veil and get to this guys personal assets.

If they were under capitalized that right there pierces the corporate veil.

JNOJR, Some of the people I spoke to said that Remley was making some pretty major purchases at the time. So chances are he/they have a good amount of cash. I think some of the issues lies with Equustria Development, the production company owned by the Remleys. Some of the plaintiffs, Showtec I believe, accused the dev. co. of being some sort of shell company. I'll keep looking into this. Thanks!

It would be most fitting and also an incredible thing to do for a Lawyer to step up and file suit on behalf of the cast against the Remley duo for negligent treatment. These other lawsuits can happen because the vendors collectively can hire a lawyer. The cast are OUT ON THEIR OWN and were royally screwed out of their pay and livelihood. All this talk and reporting about the vendors, the vendors. Sure they were also left high and dry but the cast have no other business. They have no jobs now. They have nothing. Some left other work and, in fact, other countries to come here and perform with Valitar and now what? A vendor still has other clients and other work AND can write off any loss come tax time. The cast members do not have these options. If there is a lawyer who would step up and defend these folks without expectation of any up front fees, etc, etc not only would it be an amazing gesture (and cross-grain to what most folks think about lawyers) but it would also be the right thing to do and would be a long term benefit for everyone - except the Remley duo. Spread the word everyone!!! They need a lawyer who cares about people and true justice! NO I did/do not work for Valitar. I am a San Diego resident who watched the show and saw many performers pouring their hearts and souls out! These are the folks who have been hurt the worst. Is there nothing that can be done!? I swear if I were rich, I would not only hire a lawyer for them but I would also give all of them enough money to carry for several months so they could get back on their feet and I would followup to make sure they all found their way. This whole thing is sickening.

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