New bike lane on Nimitz in Ocean Beach

A buffered bicycle lane was added over the weekend thanks to BikeSD efforts

Part of Nimitz Boulevard was refurbished with new buffered bike lanes between Oliphant and Evergreen Streets over the weekend.

According to">, the effort was spearheaded by BikeSD board member Nicole Burgess, who brought up the issue with Councilmember Faulconer a few months ago with an organized a bike ride through Ocean Beach.

Burgess then followed up with SANDAG bike planners, City bike coordinator Tom Landre, the head of the new multi-modal program (Brian Genovese), the new Congressional representative for Burgess’ district (Scott Peters), and City Council representative Kevin Faulconer. BikeSD member Kelly Cummings documented thusly:

“The southbound main traffic lane on the right measured 120 inches (10 feet exactly) from inside yellow stripe to inside white lane line. The bike lane measured 78 inches (6’6″) from inside stripe to inside stripe. The right turn lane on the left measured 134 inches (11′ 2″) from inside stripe to edge of concrete gutter. (The concrete gutter adds another 21 inches to the width. The yellow stripes are 4 inches wide, the white dashed lane dividers are 4 inches wide and the sold white lines are 6 inches wide.) As you look up Nimitz, the bike lane along the edge of the sidewalk measured 59-60 inches (5 feet) from edge of gutter to inside white line. The gutter is also 21 inches wide at this point.”

“As for the next step,”">BikeSD writes, “the city needs to step up its game if it is serious about providing safety improvements for her residents. And you can rest assured that this is precisely what we’ll be advocating for.”">" alt="None">

by Chad Deal

Photo: BikeSD member Kelly Cummings

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