"Nervous" Gangster Made a Deal

A young man known as “Nervous” to his homies in Fallbrook made a plea deal and was sentenced to one year custody, this week.

“I did unlawfully assault with deadly weapon another with force likely to cause great bodily injury,” the admission is written on a felony plea form for Juan Carlos Lopez, 18.

“I did inflict great bodily injury.” Lopez reportedly stabbed another man through the ribs which collapsed the victim’s lung, during a melee at Fallbrook High School last June. The school was hosting a two-day fundraising carnival at the time.

“I committed the offense in association with a criminal street gang with the intent to assist criminal conduct by gang members.” Prosecutor Cal Logan alleged the young man was a member of the Vario Fallbrook Locos, and that Lopez is known by the gang moniker “Nervous.”

Judge K. Michael Kirkman ordered “Nervous” Juan Carlos Lopez to register as a gang offender. He also ordered Lopez to pay an $800 fine to the court and $60,544 restitution to his victim.

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Oh brother, pay $60K restitution, get real. And WHY is he only sentenced to a lousy year on what appears to be a valid attempted murder rap????? Even going with the ADW, causing GBI, a year is still a JOKE. And on top of it he may be eligible for those half time PC 4019 credits too. Our system is a joke.

Under the current system, he'll stay in county custody. Attempted murder should get some time in the real joint, and one of the tougher ones at that. See what "prison overcrowding" and "state budget crisis" beget. Weak sentences and even weaker actual time spent behind bars are just a couple of the things we can look forward to.

Visduh, there is NO overcrowding due to violent crime. This is not a drug deal, or other non violent crime, this is a serious violent crime and this is the sentence. I know people who have gone to jail LONGER on a "contempt of court" charge, and those are not even criminal acts. So the sentence is not because of prison overcrowding of budget problems, it is lack of prioritizing the crime.

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