Three U.S. Gang Members Picked Up in Mexicali

A group of alleged United States gang members were arrested in Mexicali on Tuesday evening, August 7th. The municipal police spotted three suspicious men speeding in a vehicle, which led to the arrests.

The men had no weapons or drugs in their possession; however the car they were driving was reported stolen in California. The vehicle was a brown 1987 Honda Accord, with California license plates 6EMN984.

The identities of the men have not been released yet; however their ages are 29, 29, and 23. The men were put on display for local media which reported on the arrests. Municipal police and federal agents are currently attempting to determine if the men are wanted for other crimes.

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From their looks and the tats, I'd have to guess they spent some time in the joint. Is it somehow possible that the Mexican cops, usually incapable of anything like law enforcement, are actually getting better at finding and arresting our bad guys than our own police?

They could easily be prison tats....looks good on them :)

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