Nathan Fletcher To Run 950 Ads on Cox and Time Warner Cable

With a little over a month until the primary election, two of the four mayoral candidates are beginning to reveal strategies behind their ad campaigns.

District Attorney Bonnie Dumanis plans to spend">$94,756 to run ads for the month beginning on May 7 up until the June 5 election, some of which will target women voters ages 25-49.

Nathan Fletcher, on the other hand, is the first candidate to run television ads. Shortly after announcing that he was going his own way from the GOP, Fletcher began buying slots on">local stations and cable networks. Until now, Fletcher has spent a total of $137,158.50 on television, $26,481.75 for spots on cable channels, according to the public files at San Diego's two largest cable providers, Cox Communications and Time Warner.

And, judging by the channels he has placed ads on, Fletcher also has a certain voter in mind. From April 2 through April 29, Fletcher will have purchased 950 spots on channels including Animal Planet, CNN, Food Network, The Cooking Channel, Lifetime, HGTV, MSNBC, Oprah's OWN network, TLC, and TV Land.

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by Dorian Hargrove


Great info, Reader! Love the contract downloads. But...Forget it Fletch. Of all your network ad channels, I watch only MSNBC, and I switch the channel the minute your face appears. Ditto for your face on local channels. Really tired of you.

I do as well, Mridolf. I am working on that!

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