Bonnie Dumanis Wages War for Women's Vote

As national media outlets continue to report on the "war on women", one San Diego candidate for mayor has waged a war of her own in this coming primary election; a war for women's votes.

According to political ad buys purchased with Time Warner and Cox Communications, District Attorney and mayoral candidate Bonnie Dumanis plans to spend $11,855 on 53 ads targeting women voters between the ages of 25 and 49.

The ads will start running on May 7, just under a month before the June 5 primary. Dumanis will run 15-30 second spots, seven-days-a-week, on Bravo and Home and Garden Television Network (HGTV) from 8pm to 11pm. During that same time, Dumanis's campaign will also run ads from 4pm to 8pm on Fox News Channel.

The $11,855 the campaign plans to spend for cable advertisements is in addition to">$82,901 worth of ad-time on five local networks, Fox5, CBS8, ABC10, NBC7, and KUSI.

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by Dorian Hargrove


Women voters of San Diego: please take note! No matter how many ads the Dirty D.A. runs on women's programming channels, she is NOT your friend. Bonnie Dumanis is little more than a slimy good ole boy in a pantsuit, and a power mad one at that. She could care less about real women's issues and has not one iota of compassion towards ill medical marijuana patients--whom she persecutes for political gain. Bonnie specifically targets widows (the Marine widow) and single moms (myself) to pick on because she realizes their vulnerability, Bonnie looks the other way while her girlfriends (Suzanne LaTour & Patricia Gregory) commit crimes, drive drunk along 163, or steal money from their divorce clients. Any other person--female of otherwise--would be sent up the river. NOT Bonnie's "friends." When Chargers or former Chargers beat up on their girlfriends or Teila Tequila, Bonnie gives these steroid dogs a pass. Anyone else would be sent up the river. Don't even get me started on the Diana Gonzales tragedy that Bonnie is responsible for.

Do not buy this pile of BS that this POS hack politician is throwing at you! VOTE: NOT DUMAINS!

Don't leave out the fact that she is currently being prosecuted in federal court for fabricating evidence in a 1st degree murder case against Cynthia Sommer- FABRICATING EVIDENCE! The TOP DA in the county. Talk about a fish rotting from the head down.

Dumbass has NO chance of becoming Mayor, none whatsoever. Dumbass is wasting her money, when she will need all the $$ she can get when she gets a $10 million judgment against her in the federal case.

I agree with SurfPuppy's comment about Dumanis having no chance. She's deluding herself and, as SurfPuppy stated, wasting her money by not dropping out. She's a complete non-entity in the mayor's race. Like that dying mid-western city in that old joke, there's no "there" there.

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