Jury: Vista Man Guilty of Rape

Jeremy Ryan Stutzman, 34, was declared guilty of rape and false imprisonment and sexual battery by restraint at the end of the court day yesterday, April 10.

The jury unanimously found the repeat offender guilty of thirteen different counts, including carjacking and burglary and robbery, in the assault on his two neighbors at a Vista apartment complex in May of 2011. The jury also found true many special allegations, including use of a deadly weapon – a large knife – and multiple victims and tying and binding of victims.

In a hearing this morning, April 11, Superior Court Judge Richard Mills acknowledged the defendant’s “serious felony prior” and “strike prior” – for a 2000 sexual assault after which Stutzman was on parole when he committed the new crimes. Judge Mills set the date of May 10 for sentencing on the new case.

http://sandiegoreader.com/users/photos/2012/apr/11/22668/">https://media.sandiegoreader.com/img/photos/2012/04/11/Jeremy_Ryan_Stutzman_arraigned_June_2_2011.Photo_Bob_Weatherston_055_t500x221.jpg?7bb86cfaff9ffc5c35b429cfbeaee1895c8ef6fe" alt="Photo of Stutzman at his arraignment. PHOTO BOB WEATHERSTON">

https://media.sandiegoreader.com/img/photos/2012/04/11/Jeremy_Ryan_Stutzman_arraigned_June_2_2011.Photo_Bob_Weatherston_055_t500x221.jpg?7bb86cfaff9ffc5c35b429cfbeaee1895c8ef6fe">Photo of Stutzman at his arraignment. PHOTO BOB WEATHERSTON by Eva Knott


Another dirt bag off the streets. He's looking at an effective life sentence. It is likely he'll live to a ripe old age with the free health care he'll receive and not getting any more meth. He is the poster boy for the sex offender registry's failure to prevent repeat offenses. In a manner much like that of Gardner, who raped and murdered two teens when he was a registered sex offender, this guy was on parole when he re-offended. Yes, the judge should look very at hard at him in light of his priors, and send him up for the max.

But then, one should wonder about the two victims in this case. When you get into the druggie lifestyle and start doing meth, bad stuff inevitably follows. Let's hope they learned their lessons, and get clean and sober.

Vis-there is nothing in the article to even suggest the victims were meth users-just said they were neighbors.

I agree, he will be in for the rest of his life.

My question is how in the hell did he get out on parole from a seriosu strike offense conviction that was just a year prior to this offense????

SurfPup, you are correct about the content of this piece not mentioning the role that meth played in this crime. But previous coverage had the two victims admitting they smoked the stuff with the perp as a prelude to the attack.

And, yes you are right to ask how he could be out of the joint within a year or two of a prior serious offense. That is the real outrage in this whole miserable story.

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