Hedgecock Endorses DeMaio for Mayor

Carl DeMaio's campaign announced that conservative radio-talk show host Roger Hedgecock has endorsed DeMaio for Mayor of San Diego.

“Leadership is about more than just talk or slogans,” stated Hedgecock. “Carl DeMaio has provided the innovative ideas to solve our fiscal crisis, and he has the proven ability to build consensus around those ideas.”

According the recent announcement Hedgecock believes DeMaio's approach is the talk of the nation. "His success is winning converts and being imitated across the country. So much so that big labor has made him a top target to defeat in this election. I hope you’ll stand with Carl DeMaio as I am.”

Hedgecock plans to host a private fundraiser for DeMaio at his house.

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If carl is elected it will be a sea of change, for sure.

Those who love to beat up on Hedgecock--and he is often an inviting target--have accused him of homophobia. It doesn't look as if he's being homophobic now, with this endorsement.

In a rational society having Hedgecock's endorsement would be a kiss of death. The blessing of a former mayor forced to resign due to his involvement in the Dominelli scandal isn't anything to brag about.
De Maio's attacks on government employees are hypocritical coming from someone who has spent his adult life in government and who earned his fortune off of government contracts.

There is no perfect candidate in this race. But Fletcher's credentials as the candidate of the corporate welfare and property development establishment are well known. He'd likely just perpetuate the unsustainable track the city is on. Same for Dumanis. Filner is in the thrall of the muni unions, and he'll not reform either. What serious candidate is left? De Maio.

If he's the serious candidate we are in for trouble

A republican is a republican gay straight or of color....the former head of the Republican Party...the Cuban votes of Florida...hmm..do i need to remind folks of Bonnie Dumanis. San Diego needs change. We need someone to step up.

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