Lorie Zapf Supports Push To Curb RV Parking

Councilmember Lorie Zapf is in favor of a plan from Kevin Faulconer that would place strict regulations on where owners of RVs and other oversized vehicles can park.

The proposed ordinance, expected to be rolled out in the coming months, will be tested in the beach communities to the west of I-5. If approved, the ordinance would prohibit parking 50-feet from intersections, and would set up a parking program for RV owners.

Efforts to remove RVs from city streets started back in 2004. All of which stalled amid concerns that the ordinance was unfair and targeted residents who own RVs.

Now, the proposal once again seems to be gaining ground.

"I know that we're not going to make everyone happy, but we do need to come up with something that's fair to both the RV owners and residents," stated Zapf in the newsletter.


This seemingly "reasonable" bit of authoritarianism is just one more example of how politicians and bureaucrats and other people who frankly don't give a damn about others unless it's them. There's something about hard times that brings out the de Sade in people, especially the comfortable, the self-righteous.

Worse, the micro-managing of society by the cultural elite undermines common sense and common courtesy. Intolerance of all kinds, but especially that vulcanized into law, produces waves through the whole fabric of society.

If someone would park their big bus of an RV on my street right at the corner where traffic safety would be compromised, I would strike up a conversation with the owner or occupant and try to help her or him, not call the authorities.

"At long last, have [we] no sense of decency?"


"..Worse, the micro-managing of society by the cultural elite undermines common sense and common courtesy..."

Don't you think if the owners of these RVs used common sense & common courtesy, gov't won't need to micro-manage?

There are just as many offending cars as there are RVs. Why are RV's being singled out? This isn't about safety, its about the "aesthetics" of having an RV parked in otherwise legal parking spots which offends some, including Ms. Zapf. Personally, I would prefer to not have ugly commerical vehicles such as the Bug Realty car that her husband drives parked on the street but I don't agree that my personal wishes should result in a regulatory mandate. I do not support this proposal. I do support better enforcement of parking regulations for ALL vehicles.

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