Occupy San Diego Returns to Children's Park

After two weeks at the Civic Center, Occupy San Diego is expanding to Children’s Park on First and Island. A group of about twenty has begun to put up infrastructure in the park with the permission of the mayor, says organizer Jordan Hammond. However, Hammond believes the police intend to shut down the camp and requests that more occupiers join at the Children’s Park camp.

“We remain very strong with over 10,000 people standing in solidarity with us on our Facebook page and over 250,000 people in solidarity with Occupy Wall Street,” writes Hammond in an email. “These include teachers, city workers, military, elderly, students, religious leaders, tea party folks, artists, activists, and many others too numerous to name.

“Taking down our infrastructure was a key tactical move to end our indefinite occupation. Hoping to dwindle our numbers to only those that can occupy 24-7. We have maintained for the last week, providing education, outreach and teach-ins. But this is too important for our full agenda to be silenced, we fight for you. We transcend partisan divides. We want to create a safe space where true political discussion can occur and we can affect change for the good of the many struggling in our city and our country. The movement has already started to shine truth on the facts as to why our democracy has stalled to a point of almost complete uselessness. It is with the most patriotic intentions that we will be setting up our new camp at the Children's Park on First and Island in the downtown area today at 1:30. We are expecting possible resistance from the police even though we have been in contact with the mayor’s office and were told that this is ‘the best place’ for us to setup.”

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I was there last night after the GA at Civic Center. The Childrens Park setup looks great and will provide a quiet place as well for those that wish a break from CC. Thanks also to Maricelle for setting up The Library - now we have two Education Stations, a long-sought goal of the Education Committee! Come by and check out the books at Childrens Park. What made me most proud was the "14 Days of Occupy SD" sign facing Island & 1st!!

Occupy SD at Children's Park is going great. More of a family than a miss-mash of individuals. All bring an unique flavor and a necessary ingredient to the movement. So far I have been there 3 nights and will be going back later today after resupplying for a longer stay. Stay strong Occupy.

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