Port Commissioner/Former City Councilman Scott Peters Announces Congressional Run

Scott Peters, former city councilmember and current port commissioner, officially announced his candidacy for the newly drawn 52nd congressional district on Monday.

Peters, a self-described "common-sense democrat" will be running against conservative congressman Brian Bilbray, former State Assemblywoman Lori Saldana, businessman Bob Nascenzi, and John Stahl in the new district which extends from Poway to Coronado, including parts of La Jolla, downtown, and Coronado.

“The American people, especially San Diegans, don’t care as much about party politics as they care about their jobs, quality of life and their children’s futures. They are embarrassed and worried that our national representatives can’t put personal politics aside and put the people they represent first,” stated Peters in the announcement.

Peters pledged to create jobs, reform energy policy, and rein in national spending.

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Aargh. Eeeeh. Yeeech. That's as polite as I can get about this guy.

Might I add, from the U-T: "In the announcement Monday, Peters touted his record as a port commissioner and city councilman in San Diego, where he supported small businesses and redevelopment projects such as the construction of PETCO Park."

Not a winning beginning with most voters.

And then: "as was the case when he unsuccessfully challenged City Attorney Michael Aguirre in 2008, Peters will be forced to answer questions about past votes, including a 2002 decision to underfund the city’s pension plan."

Worse start! And did the U-T reporter ask any questions? Nope.

But someone did comment: "now is a very good time to remember that when Scott Peters was President of the City Council, one of his first moves was to attempt to move the non-agenda public comments from the begining of city council meetings,... Which meant that public could wait all day, far into the night, and likely speak to council members who may or may not have elected to stay after all the Official "business" was concluded. That's the type of representation Peters has to offer.

No sale."

Well said.

Peters is DOA, he won't make it out of the starting gate.

As Council President Scott Peters treated many regular Non-Agenda Public Comment speakers with distain. He was mean and arrogant even to the most selfless persons, homeless, and people looking for help and justice. Just watch the City Council videos online when he was Council President and chaired all City Council meetings for years.


Our new Council President Tony Young makes it clear that all are welcomed downtown, and actually shows respect for the speakers.

Scott Peters is the reason why the Navy plans to build their West Coast Headquarters on an assumed Active Fault of the Rose Canyon Fault Zone (RCFZ) adjacent Port of San Diego Tidelands. The Navy's hearing on their Environmental Consistency Determination will be heard at the November 2, 2011 Coastal Commission hearing in Oceanside.

If San Diego votes for Peters instead of Democrat and independent-minded Lori Saldana, we are doomed to failure and deserve the government we elect.




You had me...until you mentioned the illegal alien promoting, give my taxes to illegals for schooling, Lori Saldana.

No thanks. I'll take Bilbray anyday over those two.

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