U.S. Attorney To Target Media Outlets For Printing Medicinal Marijuana Ads

U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy is all fired up about the state's medical marijuana law.

Earlier this month, Duffy and other federal attorneys announced that they were sending letters to property owners who rent commercial space to dispensaries. And now, according to http://californiawatch.org/dailyreport/feds-target-newspapers-radio-marijuana-ads-13049">California Watch, the attorneys are set to inflict another blow to the industry. This time on media outlets that run medicinal marijuana ads in their papers.

"I'm not just seeing print advertising," U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy told California Watch. "I'm actually hearing radio and seeing TV advertising. It's gone mainstream. Not only is it inappropriate, one has to wonder what kind of message we're sending to our children, it's against the law."

In recent years, more and more publications throughout the state have grown accustomed to printing ads for local dispensaries, of course, The Reader being one of those.

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She's sending the message to our children that votes don't count.

Awesome. While she's at it, make sure that Duffy enforces that law about women driving in housecoats, it's about time those hussy's did some jail time.

As one who voted for Obama, I expected so much more from our President. Now, if we wrote to the White House, asking if the feds can not only shut down the dispensaries but also go after the media outlests for selling ads, the response would apparently be: "Yes we can."

As one who voted for Obama, I expected so much more from our President

You aint kidding.

U.S. Attorney should Target Media Outlets For telling Charger fan to take the trolley to games1

It will be interesting to see what the fall out from all the draconian behavior is. With 70% of the population being pro legalization of medicinal marijuana, what can the government possibly be thinking? The only possible explanation is that Obama must bend before his contributors to gear up for the election, and big pharma and the prison unions have made their agendas pretty clear. http://medicinalmarijuanamaps.com

Could this explain the rapid reduction of Reader ads for marijuana dispensaries? Inquiring minds want to know.

WHAT "reduction" of medical marijuana ads in the Reader? Last time I checked, there were pages and pages of ads for same, far outstripping any other journal I look at. Bring on the feds: it IS against the law and I hope the law will be enforced.

Attorney generals came together behind closed doors to use their prejudices against the will of the Ca voter. They dont have the resourcing nor the public support to attack Medical Marijuana, THIS IS A SCARE TACTIC!!!! They did the exact same thing years ago and continue to treat this subject with a blind eye! These Attorney Generals need to look at other subjects where this is already been finalized. In Example: Prostitution and Gambling are both federally illegal but since legalized in the state NEVADA the fed has bowed and even ran a brothel!!! for taxes!!! State laws trump federal!! states wouldn't have signed Constitution if they lost rights!!! AG's need to learn history and not run on prejudices!!!

Bend over AMERICA, Big Pharma & Big Criminal System are gonna give it to ya good.

Seriously doesn't U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy have some other bigger more productive 'fish to fry' than going after media outlets? Are these the jobs you want to create America? Does it really do our society good to squeeze fines out of the media companies or by profiting by putting them in jail (money is made by the criminal system to put people in jail, if you don't think so then your the one that is 'high').

Do you really want to pay for this kind of frivolous criminal prosecution? This is NOT what I think our taxes should be used for. Sounds like to me U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy is trying to make a big name for herself for personal gain and not the overall good of the people.

"Seriously doesn't U.S. Attorney Laura Duffy have some other bigger more productive 'fish to fry' than going after media outlets? "

Duffy is NOT doing this on her own, no way.

This is being directed from the top down, from Washington DC to Duffy.



How is Gabrielle Giffords?

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