Minority Athletic Group Criticizes SDSU's Coach-Hiring Process

Black Coaches and Administrators, a non-profit dedicated to advancing “the growth and development of ethnic minorities at all levels of sports both nationally and internationally,” has released its annual report card on hiring practices in collegiate football programs. Of 29 schools participating in the study nationally, San Diego State University was one of only two programs to receive an “F” grade.

The report focused on the 21 top-tier Football Bowl Subdivision and eight second-tier Football Championship Subdivision NCAA Division I teams that made head coaching changes in the last year. Four areas were taken into consideration in forming the overall letter grade - Communication, Hiring/Search Committee, Candidates Interviewed and Reasonable Time.

In Communication, schools must talk to Black Coaches and Administrators or the Minority Opportunity Interests Committee at least twice to receive an “A,” once for a “B.” Zero communications results in an “F.”

For the Hiring/Search Committee component, Black Coaches would like to see at least 30% minority membership on any search committee formed to recruit coaches for an “A,” with 20% or greater participation warranting a “B,” 10-19% a “C,” and anything lower an “F.”

The same percentages apply to the Candidates Interviewed segment, and are used to rank the number and ratio of coaches earning on-campus job interviews.

Grades for Reasonable Time were assigned based on a measure of time from the departure of an old coach to the hiring of a new one. Two weeks or longer earns top marks, one day or less warrants a fail

Aside from a “B” in the Search Committee segment of the report card, SDSU received failing marks from Black Coaches across the board for its decision to stay within the program and promote Rocky Long from defensive coordinator after the departure of Brady Hoke to Michigan. Long has led the team to a 6-3 record so far in his first season as head coach.

In 2009, the school earned an overall “A” grade in replacing former head coach Chuck Long with Hoke.

The only other school to receive an “F” in this year’s report card was the University of North Carolina – Charlotte. The lower-tiered Football Championship Subdivision was failed automatically for declining to participate in surveys conducted by the research group employed by Black Coaches.

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