It's Confirmed: Hedgecock to KFMB

San Diego radio station 760 KFMB will take on the Roger Hedgecock talk show beginning Jan. 2, 2012. On Nov. 2, the Reader's News Ticker reported the rumor that Hedgecock was leaving KOGO for KFMB. The rumor was initially reported in the Dehesa Valley Gazette, the online publication put out by Jimmy Valentine, Hedgecock's former producer. KFMB's announcement stressed Hedgecock's knowledge of San Diego; that suggests he will do at least some programs emphasizing San Diego politics. For two years he has done a nationally syndicated show that covered national and international issues. It appears that he will continue doing a nationally syndicated show, but perhaps will be given time to do shows focusing on local issues. That is not clear from KFMB's announcement.

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Hedgecock still has a following. For one thing, he's always had the redneck market wrapped around his finger. Some companies sell to Hedgecock's market. Best, Don Bauder

You didn't have to say it twice. Best, Don Bauder

"We" regret the error.

However, the machine's placement of the first message led to the confusion. It appears, however, that this system is considered the greatest by the authorities . . . or at least the least of their worries . . . Ain't perfecktion grand?

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In re to: By dbauder 4:24 p.m., Nov 8, 2011

That would be helpful to everybody. Best, Don Bauder

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