Could McGrory Have Given More?

Jack McGrory, former City Manager and executive of Price Group and PriceSmart, has given $1.2 million to the Campaign for San Diego State University. That is a generous donation. Could he have given more? I don't know.

At one point, a McGrory trust had 12% of Price Group, the investment vehicle controlled by the late Sol Price. McGrory withdrew from Price Group and the retailer PriceSmart in July of 2009. He was awarded 974,315 shares of PriceSmart. They were worth $15.3 million then. If he held on to them, they are worth around $72 million now, as PriceSmart stock has soared. And McGrory has other assets. In any case, $1.2 million is still a pretty good chunk of change.

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How about telling that dirtbag to pay the $500 million in unfunded pension liabilities that HE created with MPI and MPII.

Good idea, but Golding was holding him by the ears when he did it. The book "Paradise Plundered" by Steve Erie et al has a lot on how McGrory cooked the books. Best, Don Bauder

Don, thanks for mentioning "Paradise Plundered." Just bought it on the Kindle edition thanks to your mention.

If you want to learn about San Diego, reading "Paradise Plundered" is a must. Best, Don Bauder

Susan Golding took the blame for the rot that Jack wrought in the city's finances. She divorced Silberman but wasn't married long enough to get much cash out of him. She's foundered for years as a lobbyist with no clients and had to take factory work to support herself. Where is her money? Susan has to wear polyester clothes because she can't afford wool and drives a car with seats covered in naugahyde instead of leather and Jack McGrory got $72 million?

I don't believe that Golding ever took the blame for the MP I and MP II fiascos. As to how much Golding got from Silberman, I would pose this question: how much did Silberman have to give her? He did move to Marin County after getting out of prison, and that takes bucks, and we have no idea how much his suspected pre-sting money laundering activity netted him, but I was never sure that Silberman had all the money that people thought he did. Because of that offshore activity (and there was other offshore stuff besides money laundering), there is no way to know. You are correct that Golding has not succeeded in her lobbying/PR career. Best, Don Bauder

NOTE: MCGRORY, GOLDING NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MP2: I should have corrected SurfPuppy's statement, and statements by others, blaming McGrory and Golding for MP2. Dick Murphy was mayor for that plan, which came out in 2002. Best, Don Bauder

I am STILL going to blame McGrory.

HE is the one that started the ball rolling with the pension underfunding while at the same time raising everyones pay through the roof.

He is a LIAR and a thief. Said MPI was not going to cost anythinbg, and even if it did he had the $25 million "trigger", yeah, McGrory, that trigger worked real good, too bad you never pulled it.

MP2 was a fix for MP1, but McGrory has always blamed his successors for not sticking to his plan. Best, Don Bauder

I should have said that Golding received the blame for McGrory's manipulation of city finances. She clearly has not accepted responsibility for what ocurred during her mayoralty. For example, the diversion of city pension contributions to pay for the Republican convention. The diversion was intended to boost her political standing by giving her national exposure on TV. She paid the price and became unelectable when voters realized what McGrory had done at her behest.

What caused her Senate campaign to fall apart was a scandal, I cannot recall what it was-maybe the Chargers $78 million stadium deal????? Cannot recall, but she dropped off the radar like a ton of bricks.

What is Golding doing today? She was living up in the Golden Triangle/La Jolla Colony area which is not skid row by a long shot.

The ridiculous 60,000 seat guarantee could have hurt her. It was probably a combination of a number of things. Best, Don Bauder

You may be right, but voters must have seen many other flaws. San Diego voters were a fraction of the Californians voting in that primary. And I don't think San Diegans realized that the Republican convention money had been squirreled out of the pension fund until after that primary. I may be wrong on that. Best, Don Bauder

I think Golding is employed by a non-profit organization.

She is chief executive of the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation. Best, Don Bauder

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