San Diego Does Not Have the Navy's Approval for Managed Competition at Miramar Landfill

After wasting nearly one year and more than $500,000 trying to sell the Miramar Landfill, the City is now looking for a private company to take over operations at the city dump.

But there is one problem; the Navy, which owns the land, has not signed off on the plan.

Chris Gonaver, director of the environmental department, told councilmembers on the Rules Committee that his department has not heard back from the Navy since early last year. And yet, despite not having permission, the Mayor’s office is moving forward.

“Would the [proposal] stop if we did not get that signature?” Asked councilmember Sherri Lightner.

“They have the authority to approve,” said Gonaver, avoiding the question.

“Or disapprove. Is that correct?”

“Yes,” said Gonaver.

Councilmember Todd Gloria also expressed some concern about proceeding with managed competition of the landfill without the Navy’s approval.

"So, we’ve notified the Navy of our intent for managed competition but we’ve received no response whatsoever. Not even a word, not a ‘that’s okay,’ or ‘that is not’?”

“That’s correct.”

Gonaver assumes that the Navy is waiting until the City submits its final proposal in December of this year.


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