Missing Meter Money

San Diego’s city councilmembers will meet at 2pm today to discuss the $2.9 million in parking meter revenues that was lost due to clerical errors and untrained employees.

City Auditor Eduardo Luna found the missing cash while auditing the City Treasurer’s parking program.

In his audit, Luna found that city employees failed to enter manual citations into the system. And if they did enter them, many citations were incomplete.

Weeks before the city council is asked to balance a $56.7 million budget shortfall, councilmembers are frustrated by the news of lost revenues.

“Taxpayers don’t like hearing about plans to cut to core city services, especially when they learn there are millions of dollars owed to the City that would offset some of the proposed reductions," councilmember Kevin Faulconer said.

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And these are the idiots that are allowed to retire with 90% pensions....

"Clerical errors and untrained employees", huh? Sounds more to me like indifferent, lazy employees, both those who wrote the tickets and those who processed them. And those would be all-too-typical City of San Diego employees, part of a long tradition at the "do nothing" city hall.

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