City Well is Running Dry

During the past two years, the City has spent $85,000 on five-gallon water dispensers. For next fiscal year, in his 2012 budget, the mayor set aside $54,084 for water dispensers.

However, the budget for water dispensers may run dry. On May 18, the Natural Resource Committee will vote to regulate bottled water products and Styrofoam cups from city departments.

In addition to saving a small amount of money, the regulations would also minimize the use of Styrofoam products by city departments.

The push to regulate plastic water bottles and Styrofoam products started in December 2010 when former-councilwoman Donna Frye directed city staff to look into adopting a similar ordinance adopted in San Francisco.

According to a May 10 staff report, San Diego Coastkeeper and the Surfrider Foundation are finding more Styrofoam litter on San Diego’s shoreline during their semi-monthly beach cleanups. “[Styrofoam] litter on local beaches has increased from almost 10,000 pieces in 2007 to over 25,000 pieces in 2010,” reads the report.

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Maybe the City could get the Water Department to supply the water, in-sourcing instead of out-sourcing. And instead of water dispensers there must be some alternative. Maybe faucets?

Bottled water? Is our water department saying tap water is not ok to drink?

Some of the water went to departments that do not have access to tap water. The study did find that other departments were purchasing the five-gallon jugs regardless if they had a faucet or not.

You mean the employees don't have bathrooms? The water from bathroom faucets is actually drinkable. It has been done. You turn the faucet on, put the cup under, and voila!

To find facts on bottled water and different bottled water brands visit

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