Accused San Diego Cops Taking Their Licks on RateMyCop.com

Some users over at RateMyCop.com, a national website that bills itself "a powerful tool" for "monitoring police performance," have been checking in with their unvarnished opinions of the at least nine San Diego cops reportedly being investigated for a variety of wrongdoing, from drunk driving to rape. The latest arrest came Wednesday afternoon.

According to the site, it was founded after "the owner was at dinner with a friend who had just received a ticket. This friend was telling the story of how it happened, and a long conversation ensued. The owner thought this would be a great idea for a website since this seems to a topic most everybody can talk about. Prior to the launch of RateMyCop.com, people had no way to find or provide feedback about officers who are being paid by tax dollars."

Some of the feedback about the troubled San Diego cops is positive. Of one of the accused, one contributor said: "This man reminds me of John Wayne, when he ran through the streets of Ocean View chasing down some naked drunk 300 pound woman, I knew either he was despret or he really cared about that womans safty. He luckly caught her and she lived to be crazy another day."

Here are the links to a few of the profiles:






Yesterday on Channel 10, I heard the number was seven cops. This morning KPBS said nine cops. Tonight the Reader says eight cops. Which is it?

NINE!!! Nine cops caught being naughty! Hah hah hah hah hah!! And ONE!! One lying cop at the top saying he is sorry for his officers behaviour but "hey citizen-- thats what you get with our meager budget and the culture of arrogance (hic!) I'm a part of. Bonnie loves it, Jerry loves it - hell its good enough for me" BARFFFFFFFF! I JUST THREW UP aLLOverMyekeybOard Just keedding - hah hah hah! The Count

The Internet is wonderful. In the past, people were afraid and intimidated to file complaints and charges against misconduct and criminal activity of cops, and in some cases people do get harassed, injured, and even killed for bringing certain matters to light. A site that RateMyCop allows for some identity protection -- but it also opens the door to false accusations. Take the good with the bad.

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