Disabled Fishing Boat Yields Smuggled Pot

Harbor Police have found approximately 600 pounds of marijuana on a disabled fishing boat that was towed into San Diego by the Coast Guard on Monday night. The several bales seized were thought to be worth about $24,000.

The boat, believed to have come from Mexico, was located by Coast Guard officials about a mile and a half off Point Loma. Suffering from unknown mechanical issues, it was towed to a visitor dock near the Harbor Police’s marine office on Shelter Island. Two bales of marijuana were discovered on a precursory search, which led officers to expand their search efforts and discover several more that were concealed on the vessel.

The owner is expected to be charged on Federal drug laws, while a woman found aboard the craft was taken into custody and will face methamphetamine possession charges of her own.


Gee Dave, I have to quibble about your headline once again. This was no "fishing boat." It was a smuggling boat. Oh, it may have appeared to be a fishing boat, but wasn't that at all. Oh, having looked up "precursory" in an on-line dictionary, I'd also quibble about that usage. I think you meant "cursory", defined as hasty or superficial. Once they found some of the pot with a superficial search, then they really searched in earnest and found more.

One would wonder about a boat that is smuggling that much pot that breaks down and has to be assisted by the police. Not smart. Not good planning. But who says smugglers or crooks in general are smart?

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