Ramona Woman Escapes Masked Men

Sara Evins is frustrated with what she sees as an attempt to downplay an attempted assault last week in the rural San Diego Country Estates, several miles east of the town of Ramona.

Around 10 p.m. on Sunday, July 10, Sara was returning to her home in the Estates. Waiting at a traffic signal to turn onto Gunn Stage Road from San Vicente Road, she observed two men dressed in dark clothing and wearing black ski masks approaching her car, one with an outstretched arm reaching for the car door handle. Alarmed, she accelerated through a red light and proceeded home. She contacted the Sheriff’s department the following day.

Per Evins, Deputy T. Siever responded to her initial complaint in a professional manner and thoroughly attempted to address her concerns. Further investigation, however, attributed the reported event to the work of local pranksters, who had created a public nuisance in the area primarily by tossing eggs at passing cars. This explanation didn’t seem appropriate to Evins, who felt the masked men approaching her were of a much more sinister nature than the typical teenage vandal.

“The sheriff never told me they’d patrol more, or do anything else comforting,” says Evins of her contacts with the local substation. She further states that a sheriff representative contacted by the Ramona Sentinel, a local newspaper, urged the paper not to report on the story, contending that the alleged actions were the work of teens since charged with the egging vandalism.


Glad to see that a solid investigative reporter is on this story so we can be assured of getting the rest of it.

Gee whiz, a female reporting an attempted car jacking denied the reality of her experience by a law enforcement officer who was not there. "They say," that eyewitness testimony is unreliable for many reasons, fear, surprise, or being a woman.

This is the experience of many women when seeking help from authority. Authority minimizes their experience.

I hope when next we hear from the Ramona area it is not in connection with a dead body, a female perhaps.

Teenage pranksters or escalating behavior?

Time will tell. Carry the Baseball Bat of Happinesss in the front seat at all times. At least you go down fighting.

$200K per year GED educated cops are under no legal responsility to protect you.

And when you have the kind of low quality gov employees we have- especially "public safety" - this is to be expected.

Ramona is a strange place, one that I've never particularly liked. It is an admixture of upper-end suburbia represented by the Country Estates along with the Wild West and a touch of Appalachia. Bored kids there are known to get into all sorts of diversions, some benign and others not so.

But do teenagers who are out egging cars also wear dark clothes and ski masks? Maybe, to avoid detection and identification, but eggers don't try to open car doors. And what's with a deputy trying to suppress a news report? Usually the fuzz love to get news coverage, the more the better. If law enforcement thinks this is a bogus report, it should be willing to explain itself, not stifle a story.

Is slapping their hands just egging them on?

ÓOOOOOO, I detect unexamined rage.I too think about the soft spots.Nerve endings once penetrated can leave an attacker writhing on the pavement in pain. Do I kick him once he's down there? Yep I think so. Adrenalin made me do it officer. I was in fear for my life.

That's my story and I'm sticking to it.

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