Chula Vista Subcommittee To Discuss Synthetic Drugs

Last week, Chula Vista councilmembers Steve Castaneda and Patricia Aguilar want to ban synthetic marijuana strains from Chula Vista.

Known as "Spice incense," the synthetic cannabis is often marketed for use as incense but most users smoke it for the enhanced high. The use of the synthetic strain has recently gained popularity because it mimics the effects of THC but typically does not show up on drug tests that target cannabis use.

“Spice and products like it are legally marketed to all age groups as natural incense,” stated Councilmember Castaneda in a July 20 press release. “They think if they put “not for human consumption” on the label, they’ve eliminated their social responsibility to protect consumers from this menace."

Both Castaneda and Aguilar are pushing to ban the chemicals used to make spice as well as chemicals used to concoct "Bath Salts," a synthetic methamphetamine. On August 3, the Public Safety Committee will hold a hearing on the two popular synthetic drugs. The meeting will be held at the Chula Vista Women's Club at 6pm.


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