Imperial Valley Announces Another Solar Farm

SunPeak Solar, LLC, and Suntech Power Holdings Co., LTD have inked a deal to build a 23 megawatt solar power facility in Niland, CA, east of the Salton Sea and about 30 miles north of El Centro in the Imperial Valley.

Suntech, a solar panel manufacturer, will provide about 100,000 units of its Vd-Series module, to be installed by SunPeak subsidiary Imperial Valley Solar Company on a 123 acre lot adjacent to the Imperial Irrigation District’s Niland electric substation. In addition to providing water services, the Irrigation District is also the primary power supplier to a large portion of the Imperial and Coachella Valleys.

The project, providing enough power for about 14,000 homes, will account for about 2.3% of the utility’s total generation. By 2020 all California utilities face a mandate to provide 33% of their power from renewable sources.

Pictured: Vd series

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123 acres powers 14,0000 homes. Seems a pretty good ratio.

I wonder how that compares to coal-burning stations and wind power.

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