Mayor Dodges Second Deposition in Kessler Case

Mayor Jerry Sanders won't be deposed a second time in the Kessler vs. City of San Diego case, according to a ruling today (Aug. 18) by Superior Court Judge John Meyer. Scott Kessler was an official who was fired by the City. Kessler believes he was fired because of the mayor's closeness with Little Italy power broker Marco Li Mandri.

The FBI and a police detective had done an exhaustive study showing that Li Mandri and his buddy, felon Joe Mannino, had committed fraud. The case was referred to DA Bonnie Dumanis who refused to pursue it. Kessler says that one reason he was fired was that he had cooperated with the FBI and police in their investigation.

The City claims that Kessler didn't exhaust all his remedies, such as going to the Ethics Commission, before filing suit. His lawyers, who have already deposed Sanders, wanted to depose him for half an hour on the point. Kessler's main lawyer, Josh Gruenberg, says that after deposing mayoral aide Jay Goldstone, he doesn't need a second deposition of Sanders anyway.

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So, now I see the light. Mayor Saunders made a deal with the devil here. He got out of testifying AND had his great good friend and fellow good ole boy D.A. Bonnie Dumanis agree not to press charges here in this case. I bet there is a quid pro quo operating- Dumanis won't charge but Saunders needs to endorse her for Mayor. Which he did.

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