The County's Unclaimed Monies List

Unclaimed cash from property tax-refunds and miscellaneous payments is burning a hole in San Diego County Treasurer/Tax Collector, Dan McAllister's pocket.

On Wednesday, McAllister issued a press release asking property owners and residents of San Diego County to check the "Unclaimed Monies List" for possible refunds.

The "list" has grown to include more than 900 unclaimed accounts, worth approximately $250,000 in cash. Of that $250,000, more than half comes from unclaimed property tax refunds.

The amount of the refunds range from $10 refunds to estates worth $16,800.

“You may be entitled to a refund and may not be aware of it,” stated McAllister in the press release. “We have been diligently searching for the owners of these monies and have had no luck."

Residents can kiss their unclaimed money goodbye if they don't stake claim to their refunds by an October 14 deadline. If that happens, the cash will be absorbed into the county's General fund.

The list of unclaimed cash is available at

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