Escondido Officials to Toss More Cash at Ballpark Consultants

On August 17, the Escondido city council will decide whether to spend an additional $118,283 on consultants for the the proposed minor league ballpark.

The extra cash will raise the total amount spent on environmental and traffic consultants to $846,492 thousand. That is in addition to the $11.4 million to purchase the property.

If approved, $61,808 will be awarded for BBC Environmental to complete environmental studies for two public yards. Keyser Marston will receive $50,000 for "potential modifications" to include a ballpark in the City's Redevelopment Plan. The remaining $6,475 will pay the remaining balance for consultant group CB Urban Development.

The decision to continue tossing money at a minor league ballpark comes months after Governor Jerry Brown's plan to strike nearly 400 redevelopment agencies out of the budget.

The possible allocation of funds also comes after Padre CEO Jeff Moorad announced that he would sell the Triple-A team if city officials fail to build a ballpark. Moorad also indicated that the Padre franchise would not be willing to contribute funds for the stadium.

The council will hear the issue during their 4:30 pm session.

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There are tom fools and damn fools. This city council seems to be well populated by both. When will Escondido learn that having the trappings of an affluent, prosperous and well-funded city doesn't make it so? That city is now and may never be any of those things. Sad, but the area may never be able to afford either its arts center or a stadium, but will continue to throw money at both.

Consultants take home an astonishing amount of money on ALL projects. The same amount could have been spent pouring cement or painting or planting trees. There are consultants that do community outreach to decide what the other consultants should do. It's the American way.

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