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it was have a puppy in the house

Roscoe didn't like him at first...and he was one sick puppy...there wasn't much left for his tummy to harbor..worms..giardia and coccidia...and he was only 11 weeks old

he belonged to my great niece and her BF...she'd had only had him 3 weeks and had to move to be able to keep him

her mum, my niece was on her way to the East Coast in 2 days and those pitiful eyes coupled with uncontrollable diarrhea stole my heart

poor little Frenchie!!!

my dog breeding knowledge slipped into high gear and i volunteered...yikes!!!

i have never boiled so much chicken and cooked so much rice in 30 years

Roscoe has become spoiled with homemade dog food in the process...the whelp!!!

hhmmm...should i choose yogurt ...cottage cheese or sour cream as the probiotic

Pedialyte in the water to support his sugar level...and of course excellent vet care....El Cajon Veterinary Clinic on Johnson in El Cajon was my choice...they've been managing Roscoe's allergies since i returned to San Diego

and disinfect the area ad nauseaum...

i think i forgot i was old...lolol

but as u can see every minute spent with this little charmer was worth it!!!

13 days later a brave and beautiful pup has returned to complete health

now won't somebody come and retrieve this little maniac!!


Oliver Twist goes home tonight to teethe on beef bones i cooked up for him (instead of toes)... continue his potty training...and restart his Frenchie 500 runs

these French Bulldog are inordinately cute and have precious bully personalities

i've learned a lot about the breed now...including the fact the original Boston Bull Terriers were bred from Frenchie stock

i'll miss ya little one ;-D

what kind of puppy did ur mum get Mindy???

no worries

the hook worms and Giardia got Panecur....the Coccidia gets Albon or Tribrissen

ya gotta use a vet for these rascals Mindy...they're opportunistic Protazoa (little animals) that bore into the lining of the gut and reek havoc with the large bowel...without the right drugs they can kill a puppy

stool specimen $30... drugs and vet visit $75

nursing care from a concerned relative = priceless

what a doll puppy!!!

i hate the way they treat pit bulls...properly raised they r great pets!! ;-D

a Parti-Color..i spent 2 years working for a Parti breeder in Rialto...she bred the first Parti champion in the 80's

i've sent my show quality white Poms everywhere except England because of the long quarantine there (6 months)

my poms...(parti's went back to Hadleigh)...bred originally in England and i had to tell a Scot breeder no to a purchase because of the 6 month quarantine

i'd love to see the pic Mindy

all of my knowledge came from 30 years in medicine...most all drugs r given to dog first before human get them

even heart surgery was pioneered on dogs

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