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many years ago i had a friend...he was a feisty old journalist who published the Rockaway Beach Bell Bouy....i would see him often on Main Street walking hand and hand with his happy to be together....he wasn't a kid anymore.....but she was a young one by comparision....a May/December thing that seemed to be working.......i had invited them to husband and i were taking care of his stepfather there.....

i hoped my friend would be able to connect their cable radio station to Falcon Cable ...and play his music behind the community calender on the Oregon coast

well that never panned out so he started another paper instead

this is the story Bill told me of their meeting when we met him in central Oregon and an the explanation of the ol fellows love story with his younger wife....

when Bill met Elaine he was bartending at the VFW lodge in Lincoln City....he was a long term resident on the coast who had created and managed two midsized local in Depoe Bay....the Depoe Bay Foghorn.....and the Lincoln City Bell Bouy.....when his first wife had a stroke he had taken care of her for 10 years before she died....and lost the two newpapers he and his wife Olive created together in the process.....

as he made drinks behind the bar he was alway cutting up,joking and laughing but he was floundering......on the outside he was a cheerful fellow....on the inside he might as well been buried with Olive.....the love of his life....set in his heartscape as a bright "starry starry night"......a treasure he knew would be impossible to replace again in his lifetime

Elaine was a beautiful woman who had had epilepsy and some mental delay because of day she had a Grand Mal seizure in the bar...... Bill rushed to her jerking body on the ground ....she wasn't drinking alcohol and only came in for cherry cokes....he turned her on her side 'til the jerking stopped and put her head in his lap and wiped the foam away from her that moment a father protector was born.....

he watched over her in the bar....took time off to see her home....and they just generally became best of friends and lifted Bill's spirits to have someone to be kind to and connect with....Elaine was a cheerful little bird of a person....when she was with Bill he was always laughing about this or that funny thing he or she said.....

i would have PAID to watch them falling in love....

but that he was falling in love never occured to Bill....she was so young....30 years younger then he was....he had no intention of being labled the "Old Letch" around Lincoln City!!!!!!

Elaine told Bill how much she loved him over a bowl of Campbell's Tomato Soup....she could boil water....make coffee ...and make soup

she explained why she thought they were a perfect match.....

Bill could cook....she couldn't....they had lots of fun together....he wasn't afraid of her epilepsy....he was a mature noble kind man who had honored and had been devoted to his first wife ...

so he'd be devoted to her

Elaine had decided that made him the perfect man for her....

NOW IF THAT ISN'T JUST A MIRACLE tell me one better !!!!!

Bill on the other hand was not completely won over

....and so he took Elaine out to the sand and waved his arm across the starry sky......"this is my feeling for Olive, Elaine....she is my night sky...every star that's there is her....see how filled it is .....i'm afraid there's no place there for you dear"

Elaine looked up and said...."yes Bill i can't be another star there.....but look....look....see the moon...i can be the moon "

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she showed him the moon....and his universe revolved into a new orbit with a new as filled with love as the previous orbit had been......


much can be said about this kind of love.....many wouldn't understand it...many would criticize it...but once you got to know this pair it would have been very hard to fault it...people find love in many places and at many ages...the emotional particulars are as convoluted as a pretzel sometime....they find their own balancing point

and these two had perfect balance together


and next year will be their 25th wedding anniversary DG

Bill promised Elaine that...and Bill always keeps his promises

he'll be 88

thx for commenting hon

thx Roody2shoes...i sighed a lot around them 2...;-D

Oh, Nan--I just love EVERYTHING you write. To see the world through your lens is a joy and a privilege.

thx so much bohemianopus...i miss ur writing here honeypop...

i would have PAID to watch them falling in love....

I loveeee this line. this captures the loss and the joy of rediscovery.


thx so much Tallsharon

Bill was a remarkable character...busy with journalism and a couple of profitable businesses in his salad days

he was only coasting thru live when he met Elaine...had no reason to stretch himself anymore

but when they moved to North Central Oregon he started up a 5 town cable radio station which i invested in and Djed on for 6 years all total

it was a big success in a small pond sort of way...and we had a ball with it...even Elaine learned how to DJ...Christian was her favorite ;-D

makes me think about things ... thanks !'s not over 'til the fat lady sings RZ...u'll have it all going on again ;-D

I agree Tallsharon, that's what jumped out at me too. What a lovely testament to love, Nan.

the love between them was a testament to give a great BIG AMEN to Isadora...i NEVER saw them downtown walking when they weren't holding hands

and Elaine always spoke of her hubby as "MY BILL" ;-D

i'm hoping to go to Oregon this Autumn and will hopefully have a long visit with the 2 of them

Delightful. Maybe love isn't as bad as it's made out to be.

they're still percolating right along Quill

as are my Bobby and i... 30 years next year...w00t!!!

some might consider this as sentimental claptrap...but i know it's real

when something is real it shuts u up to negative comments

Woot! Woot! To thirty years and dumbin' down the lovin'.

real love will sometimes shut u right up...and u'll be happy it does

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