fearful of those eyes

left behind

so long

facts figures

a favorite place or two , gone

our area codes


a choice or not

looking out

through windowpanes

unwashed by lies


of those eyes

see thru blue

soft and beautiful

within my mind


has been kind

and regret grows


as another year


for the truest love

that stayed awhile


seated with quite a smile

frozen to the edge of my chair

holding on


what stayed

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Your 'sweet sorrow' poems just kill me, Z.

i must applaud you on the diversity of what you write about

when i started writing poetry about a year ago - it was mainly because i didn't have any thing to blog about - but apparently that's not the case here - glad you enjoy them -

just started reading your recent stuff and this one is very good

I know that smile all too well, Richzombie. And have fallen prey to lies (and to lying--although completely unintentionally) quite a few times myself. With time, though, not everything I thought was false or falsified was. Had I been better at communicating--or listening even, and less fearful, I would have managed things better. Maybe. Nice poem, man.

mackz - love your response ! you are so right on - especially how it relates to the person / relationship i was writing about ! and your post ends with - maybe . yep!

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