pep talk

today i travelled to better myself

easy to do when you are down to your last dollar

almost enjoyed it

the grittiness of survivial

but this ain't no game

you are not alone

so what are you thinking

child forever

laugh a little now

but cry alot later


you will soon get back on top

time to gather your skills

and start hustling

you've done it before

you can do it again



hey RZ...been reading ur stuff but have been busy taking care of a 12 week old sick Frenchie...yikes no time to comment...good simple stream of conscientiousness writing...keep treading on the path..... it seems clear ahead of u

and enjoy that in between the top and bottom...the inside of sammiches can b more fun then the crusts...lolol ;-S

thanks ...got a mix of bright and not so bright . always tempted to hold off posting the not-so-bright .

post everything...damn the torpedoes!!!

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