Separate Yet One

It was below 40 degrees this morning as I stood at a high spot overlooking lower Otay Lakes. It's sunny, but for San Diego, especially east Chula Vista, THAT is cold! But it's midweek of the last week into my third month of unemployment and I just had to drive the winding road of Wueste to take a break from sitting most days, perched over my laptop, looking for a job. Gloved hands shivering (still), I held a steaming cup of coffee, and leaned back on my car. Just watching. Imagehttp://media.sdreader.com/img/blogs/entry_img/2009/Jan/28/Resize_of_Resize_of_openwings.JPG" />[Photo by Cristina Fernando. Wings on Clouds]

A flock of birds (herons? American white pelicans? hard to ascertain at my vantage point) swayed one way to another and settled on the clear waters in unison. How did they learn to time themselves so perfectly? Up ahead, a hawk flew by and disappeared behind the mountains. But not after it seemed to hover (?) right in front of me, for me to freeze the awesome picture of its wingspan in my head. The view overlooking the lakes never ceases to amaze me, bring me inexplicable joys, present to me the grandness of creation greater than the narrowness of my life.

Last night, I went to a class/discussion called Foundations at Eastlake Church [http://www.eastlakechurch.com/upcoming-events/">http://www.eastlakechurch.com/upcoming-events/]. There it was explained the concept of the Trinity- one God, yet distinct. One of the speakers said it best when pointing at a stool. The legs are distinct from each other, but together they create one stool, without one of which the stool wouldn't stand and serve its purpose. This morning, without a single word, I understood it more- just watching the lake below. The water, the animals, the vegetation, the mountains- all are distinct in themselves. But they support, balance, nurture, protect each other, and as a whole demonstrates a creation made possible only by a creator greater than each one of them combined. And yet, one with them. For it is impossible to look at all these beauty and wonder and not see God.

When full, the Lower Otay Reservoir has 1,100 surface acres, a maximum water depth of 137.5 feet, and 25 shoreline miles. The smaller Upper Otay Reservoir offers 20 surface acres. The lakes' waters sparkle clear and teeming with life, amidst a backdrop of an often dark and craggy mountains faraway at the edge of the valley. The lakes are surrounded by various species of chaparral plants, inhabited by largemouth bass, bluegill, various types of crappie and catfish, habitat to hundred of birds- herons, marsh-loving songbirds, terns, gnatcatcher to name a meager few. All of these different aspects of nature make for one grand view called Otay Lakes. All this work of creation, just for me to watch in awe. For me to replenish strength from a power outside my own. All of these, created by whoelse but a powerful but loving God, who knows that one of his creatures- leaning on her car, gloved hands in prayer, needs a reason to stay alive and keep going.


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