I Feel the Earth Move

The earth just moved. Twice. Any idea where this is coming from? I think Mother Earth is pissed at us for killing her birds and her fish and her oceans. For spewing resources for our own greedy needs that are better left untapped. There will be a price to pay, and it is sad that the payees are the ones least responsible.

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Do think we've done so much to disturb the natural balance of things. It can't be good to be draining oil from the ocean's bed, just as one example.

Science is advancing so fast. I think that soon we will have cures for most medical conditions, find a way to provide safe energy, safe food, and clean water and shelter for all human life. With those needs met, we will not have to plunder the earth for our basic needs as we do now.

A friend told me some time back that there are byproducts created by producing electronics that damage the ozone layer more than the emissions from cars, and that that damage is irreversible. I read somewhere that coal fires in mines in China have been burningn for years and are responsible for most of the global warming. I have no idea if these things are true or not.

I do think If we don't find miracle fixes to repair the environmental damage then the rest won't matter. We may not survive as a species long enough to benefit from all the eons of advancement and progress and learning.

So it's a race against time. And even if we stop doing all we are doing to ruin the environment, we may already be too late. I of course hope not for my children's sake.

There was a 4.3 near rosearito. You can go to the USGS web site and look up earthquakes in near real time.

I felt it-and everytime I feel a quake I look at the clock= 8:44 PM

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"With those needs met, we will not have to plunder the earth for our basic needs as we do now."

One would hope so, Cuddles, but greed is a very pervasive, ugly emotion and it will always cause man to want more, even when all basic needs are met. It is a cancer, and out of all the sins, it is the deadliest.

All one has to do is visit the City dump or a thrift store to see that we are a throw away society. In poorer countries people make do with what they have and don't covet the newest I Pad or I Phone for example. Living simpler lives would go a long way to saving what earth we have left.

Agree with you both.

Again, we are in a race against time. I don't think people realize that the global system as we have known it is collapsing around us. A new paradigm will emerge, but what that is remains to be seen. Will discuss this further in a blog post I hope to have up today.

I wonder if you bloggers know how much you influence my thinking and consciousness. It's good to share. :)

As in all things, it is nice to have balance. Some blogs are about business and money and politics, and some are about people and nature and food. Looking forward to your post...

i think ur right Grantie...Mother Earth just hates it when she's not as pretty as she should be... and it really good there will be some blogging from the heart Cuddles

Grasca is right..we are all just a bunch of conspicuous consumers ad should be ashamed of ourselves

the big question is what can we do about it

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