Got the Bike Ready for The Century!!

All outfitted and ready to go!!

Ready for the Century!!

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Awwww, I don't know a thing about bikes but I'm sure Pike would have approved!!!

Enjoy your new ride, MsG!!! :)

Gotta keep hydrated. The martini-quality stuff is only used for the short rides. At least it's not Popov!!

I keep a bottle of Stoli in the fridge at all times. It gets neglected, though - there is a bottle of Single Barrel in there right now that gets all the attention.

Funny picture! - Joe

Oh der, how did I miss that before??? LOLOL!!!

AG, zat your bike, or you just found another pic on the Net?

Is this a trend I didn't know about???

Anti, dying laughing out loud, can not stop!!!

CF, I was did you miss it?!

Tiki, is it Jack? Or something more civilized?

I'll never tell. ;)

BTW, Vodka IS Atkins compliant, for those watching their waistline.

Damn I love that diet.


Lord God, when I was clubbing, my girlfriends were all into tequila, vodka is a change in vibe!!!! :))

Oh and MsG, when I looked at the picture the first time, I was busy looking at the bike, glanced at the giant water bottle!!!! LOLOLOLOL!!!! :))


Yippee...i'll meet ya out in the sure and put ur GPS on that bike so we can track u down after that Vodka runs out!!!

i like that Grey Goose Gee...and Tequila for south of the border runs

dis sound like fun!!!

nan, is that you?!?! You's hot stuff!!

My bike has a warning light for when I am running low...danger,danger,danger.

"Yippee...i'll meet ya out in the sure and put ur GPS on that bike so we can track u down after that Vodka runs out!!!"


Speaking of vodka, I went to the Women's Expo earlier and I paid twenty bucks for one of those ionic foot bath detox thingys. I knew it was baloney, but my friend swore by them. My water turned a horrible brackish green and brown. What a bunch of hooey! These things are such a hoax, and everyone was eating it up like it was real. Carnies. Be careful of them.

Sooooooo....why'd you buy it, Grantie?

Okay, I WASN'T going to take time to research this, but I got sucked in...whiiiiiich is the only sucking going on when it comes to this product, it seems. Because based on what I can find, it ain't sucking nothing out of your feet. I guess paying 20 bucks for one kinda sucks, but not as much as paying $1000, which is what this guy did for his video series on the subject:

I found his explanation echoed here:
"Much controversy has erupted over the ion cleanse and its claims. Independent scientists from the Bad Science column in the Guardian Newspaper took on the ion cleans' claims and came up with these results. When the water was tested after the foot bath, no human waste products such as urea or creatine were found in the remaining water, as would be seen by any chemicals being drawn from the body. All that was found was an increased level of iron. This find allowed the scientists to explain why the water really changed colors. It was not the toxins from the body that caused the color change, it was actually corrosion of the iron electrodes in the foot bath. Since the water is electrolyzed, it increases the rate in which the iron on the electrodes corrodes. This releases ferric oxide, or rust, into the water turning it a yellow or brown color."

You can read the same thing from a number of different sources. Here's a pretty blonde smartypants on eBay, for example:

I've also been curious about those foot PADS for a while. So I found this:

Now let me point out that I'm a holistic/alternative medicine loving person. I saw my chiropractor yesterday, in fact. I don't know how I lived without the man! If it weren't for him, I'd probably have had to quit my job by now due to pain. I did just that back in 2001, when I could no longer stand the constant agony. My back guy keeps me functioning. I'm also a user of herbal remedies, especially St. John's Wort and Arnica Montana, each of which I use every day.

(Best place to purchase these and other remedies/supplements, IMO is -- Dirt cheap and dynamite specials!)

These foot thingys, however?


I HATE it when my links don't work. :( Not that it's worth the trouble, but...


Cause it was only twenty bucks, and I needed a prolonged foot soak. My feet can get pretty grody between pedicures. I knew immediately that the color was coming from the apparatus in the foot tub. Pretty obvious, but I played along. And it was actually kind of fun, with people stopping and grossing out at the color of the water, really thinking this was coming from me!! Because we went early, they used my water as the sample for everyone coming by. From what I understand, people have gotten hosed for hundreds of dollars at spas for this bogus treatment. Really, like toxins are going to come out of your feet? I am a big fan of holistic medicine as well, and love going for acupuncture. Thanks for the links. I need some vitamins from a more organic source and will check out

Single Barrel is the top of the Jack heap.

It goes: Jack Gentleman Jack Single Barrel

For me the drink of choice is always Jack on ice. Probably best that I don't bike!

  • Joe

We have a little joke around here. When my sister comes to visit, we hide the home-wrecker. I love JD, but stick to vodka if I plan to get my groove on. Everything else gives me a hangover.

It's kinda funny to me when marketing folks put the word "Gentleman/men" in something to try to class it up.

Irony in Neon. Ya gotta love it. Odds of finding anything resembling a "gentleman" in these places? About as good as finding a needle in a haystack sitting in a barnfull of unicorns.

And I almost never drink whisky, but for me it's

Anti, have you tried acupuncture for your pain? Most insurance covers it now.

Maker's Mark works really good as well.

It's been my experience that most men I've encountered schwacked on Jack have not been "gentlemen" either. Although I am sure that Tiki is the exception.

Re #24: No, I haven't, and I should check it out. I have Kaiser shudder, and I'm not sure if it's covered or not. Been using the chiropractor and massage.

Re #25. Truedat.


It's worth a try. Talk your primary phys. into giving you a referral if Kaiser will let him/her.

to be truthful...i can only drink Tequila..i don't get a hangover from it...El Tesoro is my fave

OK question of the day...what is meant by "bruising the Gin"?

Nan - there's more "info" here than you EVER wanted or needed to know about "gin-bruising". Can I get a puhleeze squeeze?.

I believe this best sums it up - does not apply to vodka. Though many will argue that a true martini is gin only, I can attest to the fact that vodka makes an absolutely delicious one.

"the British Medical Journal published a study showing that shaken martinis have measurably higher antioxidant properties than stirred martinis"

Waaaaitt a minute....WHAT? Booze has antioxidants? WHOO-HOOO!!

For those not in the know, this is THE drinker's paradise. Scroll down for printed content. "The Concerned Cad" and "Are You a Drunkard" are my personal favorites.

Nanners wrote: " be truthful...i can only drink Tequila..i don't get a hangover from it..."

Now THAT's a WOMAN! No wonder your new avatar pic shows you flexin'. :)

And Grant? "Modern Drunkard" Magazine? LOL.



Read it, AG. You will laugh your freakin' ass off and not feel even a tinge of guilt over your next cocktail. Not that we should...

NAN, you are a rock star!! I can't even manage one shot of the stuff, but your choice looks very sophisticated....the bottle alone has me wondering...could I?

I've always liked the tequila buzz, but it does a quick number on the memory.

"Beer makes you mellow, champagne makes you silly, wine makes you dramatic, tequila makes you felonious."

"tequila makes you felonious"

Girl, I liked my clubbing days! ;)

A good friend in Texas drinks Padron tequila, AG.

Bookmarked for later, Grantie. I've got a Freemason friend who'll love the monkey in the Shriner's fez.

I love the Roommate Situation:
"When is a house not a home? When you're buying all the goddamn hooch, that's when."



Whoops, Patron, typo! In Spanish means, "boss."

I thought Patron just meant "patron." Doesn't jefe mean "boss?"

Both are slang words that mean "boss." :)

The roommmate rules are hilarious. I love this...

You have the right to hide good liquor from your roommates. Once the bars and liquor stores close, however, the household becomes a lifeboat adrift upon a wide and terrible sea and the hoarding of provisions will be frowned upon.

Re #45: LOL.



Wonder if anyone's done a similar site about weed?

Like "Modern Stoner"? I'm sure it's out there. Everyone's too stoned to look.

The roommmate rules are hilarious. I love this...

You have the right to hide good liquor from your roommates. Once the bars and liquor stores close, however, the household becomes a lifeboat adrift upon a wide and terrible sea and the hoarding of provisions will be frowned upon.


I've always liked the tequila buzz, but it does a quick number on the memory.

By MsGrant 5:41 p.m., Apr 20, 2010

I do believe that's why my girls preferred it. ;)

The next day: "Hey, last night when you were dancing with that guy and you --?"

"Nope, don't remember a thing about it."


Here's a quote for you, CF.....

“Don’t you dare let me remember this. Ever.”

Unnamed woman addressing a shot of bourbon before exiting the Lancer Lounge on the arm of very recent acquaintance of questionable quality.

Re #47: Can't find a parody site like for weed. THIS, however, is pretty entertaining:

(referring to Morgan Spurlock's "Super Size Me," of course)

And it's available for Instant Viewing.


LOLOLOL Great quote, MsG!!!

One of the advantages of tequila, apparently, is that you can do body shots AND forget you did them all at the same time!!!

"Although I am sure that Tiki is the exception."

It depends on what kind of gentleman you are looking for. Most of the time, when I drink, the only way to tell if I'm sailing or not is by the size of my smile. That, and I'm all hands.

This is a great conversation. I like Makers Mark... Makers has a good mint julib, too. My drink of choice was Jack and Coke, but I haven't had soda in years. So Jack it is! If I'm drinking tequila, it has to be good. Patron, Corazon or better.

Ever tried an Apple Jack? Jack on ice with a thin later of apple juice floated on top. Goes down nicely.

I have an un-opened bottle of Patron Anejo in the cupboard. - Joe

Party at Tiki's!!! So, last night all this booze talk got me thinking about breaking out of my vodka rut and sampling some of the finer wares in the old booze cabinet. I had a Maker's on the rocks and it was smooooth. Washed down a piece of chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting with it and thought I'd died and gone to heaven.

I hear you about the mixers. As I've gotten more "mature" I've switched to soda water. It's a trade-off. Booze calories can add up. I'll have to try that Apple Jack drink. It sounds divine.

I will never be able to drink tequila unless it is in a margartita. I'm just one of those people. It makes me sloppy.

"I had a Maker's on the rocks and it was smooooth."

Always is. Makes the rest of 'em taste like swill.

"Washed down a piece of chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting with it and thought I'd died and gone to heaven."

LOL! EXcellent!

Whisky & Chocolate. "That HAS to be an album by somebody," I thought. Didn't find it (exactly), but apparently the pairing of whiskey and chocolate is a multicultural, time honored tradition. Note especially the Scottish Whisky & Chocolate Crunch. drool (I'm not even kidding. My mouth is watering at the thought of it.)

Who knew? Not this little fat girl, that's for sure. I think this may be one of those cases where a little knowledge is a dangerous thing...


I went skiing once with a very industrious friend who happened to always be carrying. He says "let's go get some hot chocolate", which I thought was kind of a sissy drink but went along with him. I bring it to my lips and he says "no, wait, we need to doctor it up". Pulls out a flask and pours a healthy shot into my cocoa. From that day forth whiskey and chocolate have been a pair made in heaven for me. It is insanely delicious.

I think this deserves more attention. I'm putting my best people on it.

"whiskey and chocolate"

It is a chilly, rainy day out there... I have a bottle of Jack in my desk drawer - who wants to meet at Starbucks for Hot Chocolate?

  • Joe

"I have a bottle of Jack in my desk drawer"

Is your company hiring?

Doesn't every gentlemen keep a bottle of alcohol in his desk drawer?

They used to, Tiki, they used to. Stupid PC people ruined all our fun.

Well, it's really nice to see booze candy has matured from those little chocolate liquor bottles filled with Amaretto.

Nice work, anti. I see a promotion in your future.

"Stupid PC people ruined all our fun"

So - what is to be done? Quickly, to the vodka bikes! We are on a mission of utmost importance!

  • Joe

you know we would just end up drinking and not solving anything

yes... the solution to the PC people ruining everything.

now I know why they got away with it! we were off drinking!

Oh, yeah. Well, it's too late now. Let's get loaded!

let's bruise the tequila shall we...hahahahahaahha....squeeze for u Dubya...a nice clingy one and .y favorite mixed drink is

"Skip and Run Naked on the Beach"

Tequila...Pink Lemonade and Beer

Tequila shots ladies!!!

i can do about 7 before i fall off bike

~~it the hollow leg effect~~

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