Cat Exercise Video!!

An exciting new way to lose weight and burn calories!! From the Cats of Ocean Beach, we present, for a mere $29.99, plus shipping and handling, this innovative method of exercise!! Ten years of research studying the habits of cats has been condensed to create this ground-breaking exercise routine. Act now and you will receive an additional video at no extra cost. We've selected an excerpt from the video, to illustrate this exciting new technique, guaranteed to get you into tip-top shape!!!

http://s747.photobucket.com/albums/xx120/PickleCat01/?action=view&current=Kitties062.jpg" target="_blank" rel="nofollow">http://i747.photobucket.com/albums/xx120/PickleCat01/Kitties062.jpg" border="0" alt="A Cat's Life" />

Find sunbeam, slump, repeat daily.

Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers!!

HG, from Little Rock, AR: "I've been using the Cat Exercise Video for three weeks now, and I've never been happier!! Since learning to perfect "the slump", my beer-drinking technique has improved, and I am no longer self-conscious eating while lying down!!"

PS, from Wichita, KS: "As a housewife with a hygiene adverse family, the Cat Exercise Video came right when I was at my wit's end!! My family has perfected the "lick yourself clean" exercise, and just our savings on water this month has more than paid the cost of the program!! Thank you, Cat Exercise Video, for saving my family!"


LOLOLOL!!!! Right up my alley!!! You're going to make a fortune!!!! :))

I've added testimonials from our customers....

Don't forget eating. Chewing burns calories. :)

Oh, it's in there!! Buy the video, and you will be privy to all the calorie burning secrets of the Cats of Ocean Beach!!

Just a hint at the calorie busting cat moves:

The Stretch

The Scratch

The Yawn

The Butt

These are just a few of the secret cat moves that will change you from a couch potato to a sleek, unemployed, bed-loving self-cleaning machine in just a few weeks - no explanation required!! If your friends ask, just show them the butt!

I haven't laughed so hard since AG turned up those bridal flipflops!!!!

"sleek, unemployed, bed-loving self-cleaning machine in just a few weeks"

Hmmm. I already fit this bill, with the exception of "sleek." Employed, but just barely :)

RE: testimonial of HG from Little Rock:

"Since learning to perfect "the slump", my beer-drinking technique has improved, and I am no longer self-conscious eating while lying down!!""

Just make sure you don't start "hanging" over the water bowl.

Grant, you KNOW you do need some legal disclaimers, or the FDA will be after you:

"This product not intended to cure, diagnose, treat any disease or condition" yadayadayada

Of course, if you show me "the butt," technique, I'll rewrite your testimonials for you :)

Sample testimonial rewrite:

"Finally! An exercise video I can do with my cat! It has brought us closer together than I could hope. Thanks Cat Exercise Video, from me and Boots!"

The Cats of Ocean Beach have the best legal defense kibble can buy. "The Butt" is a difficult maneuver for advanced cat workouts, and the video goes into great detail on how to purrfect your technique, but the attached are examples of "The Butt":


AG, I cracked up at the first two. :))

The last link, no show. :(

No way, is that tat for real? If so, it is the perfect showcase for "The Butt".

Dammit! Sorry, Cuddle. That link worked when I posted it. Seems to work for me now in Explorer, but not with Firefox. Let's try it again. (It's one-of-a-kind, unfortunately. It's a good one, too.)


Or perhaps as a cut and paste. Replace the word "colon" with an actual colon.


More than one way to skin a you-know-what! :)

Oh my word!!!

No skinning you-know-what's here!!!

Of course not. :)

That notion's even more appalling than when people paint them. (Hopefully, you were able to view that link to see what I'm talking about.)

If not, you can try this one. http://home-and-garden.webshots.com/photo/1054325930013961865sAKUgc

The departure of a feline has never been so entertaining.

Yes, that's what the Oh My Word referred to! But actually the second link is better, because it's bigger, you get more of the, erm, flavor, dingleberry variety, than in the first link. ;)

Do people paint cats??? AG, how do you know these things???

I swear, you make me feel like I lead a sheltered life!

Oh, no they did not!! My cats would not tolerate such indignity. That belly-button butt tattoo was really funny.

I just know there is a little Rembrandt hiding in Peanut, now if I can convince her to apply herself just a little bit....

I'm afraid I can't appreciate Mongoose's impressionistic smears of her wet food all over the kitchen floor. However, the hairballs she pukes up are pretty intriguing.

Tiger's hairballs are a work of art, accompanied by some unique vocals.

I think we are headed in the direction of performance art here, MsG. :)

Marina Abramovic's got nothin' on these cats!!

that's it!!!

put em to work so they can support ya

get out that video camera again!!!

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