welcome back?

Last summer I rambled on and on about the exploits and inter-workings of the social sect here in the building. I commented almost daily on the goings on betwixt myself and the boss and the ladies in the building. Good days, bad days, erotic adventures and psychotic moments – all recorded here for posterity. And now? oh how the times have changed! The boss, El Macho Grande for those that remember, is gone; removed from power and now struggling part-time as a real estate agent in a market that can’t support the number of people out there putting signs in yards and hosting open houses. The target of affection is gone as well, having slipped the surly bonds of sanity but now riding the wave of cash via the ‘settlement instead of court-case’ that I’m now convinced was her agenda all along. And this guy? Caught red-handed, not only with this woman but with others, and am suffering the effects. Marriage is crumbling, to the point that daily interactions are almost painful, and every verbal exchange between us is marked with innuendos and suggestive comments about the failing of a union. There’s no more joy, there’s no trust, only co-existence until someone or something finally puts a bullet in the failure.

I’m seeing relocation in my near future, I can’t stay around here. I love san diego, the weather, the people, but there is way too many bad memories here. Nothing in life is better than taking the bike to the streets for hours at a time, whether it be for work or pleasure; spending a day on the beach or cruising the Gaslamp District at night. I just don’t know if I can take running into him at Kobey’s, since I was a witness against him and did a fairly good job of destroying him and his reputation; or running into her (which happens WAY TOO OFTEN).

And what to do about the wife? I don’t even know how divorces begin or what steps to take to end a marriage? Do I continue to try to work it out, even though she’s apparently given up on the idea? Or do I walk away from years of union knowing I was the driving force in changing our lives forever?

Welcome back to the mind of…


stay Twister stay...or continue to write here even if u do move...u remind me of Seinfeld

~~take a deep breath and detach urself from ur negative emotions~~

remember u can never run fast enough to flee urself


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