SEE SAN DIEGO There is a monkey in the Tree - And A Whole Lot More

Last month I started a Blog, and told the story of a Monkey in the Tree. To my dismay I have no following, but hey that's ok. I have decided to keep on trying. I think that there is someone out there who has both seen that monkey in the tree and read my Blog.
There is not just a monkey in the tree, but now there is a Lion on the fence. Well maybe the Lion was always there and we can just now see it due to the foliage being cut back, who knows? I have posted more of these pictures on my profile area.
There are many more of these artistic and great things that we my see in San Diego, but for some reason we just assume that everyone else has seen them. If you know of anything that may be artistic or just interesting that is out there, post a comment and share it with all of us.
Hey and by the way there is a whole lot more the a monkey in the tree.

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