Tijuana Dreaming

""The willow bends as the oak breaks..." I put down my notes and rubbed my eyes. Seventy-two hours have passed since my surgery and I've definitely got cabin fever. I will spend a week recovering here in North Park before going back to my Palatial Wooden Shack in eastern Tijuana.

I miss Trini already. She is a Mexican citizen and I an American. Our hand to mouth existence prevents us from obtaining things like visas and passports so I must rehab without her. I know my body will mend without her presence but my soul still laments her absence.

I've never had major surgery in my life. When I needed my body to work a sixteen hour shift, get a second job or work a temp job to supplement my income my body was always there for me. I guess you can call this a real confidence shaker.

The good news is that I've accumulated another stack of stories. The bad news is every time I try to post one, it comes out all chopped up. I'm sure it's my fault, which doesn't help the situation much. A few of them I'd actually like to see posted. One of them deals with the passport issue, another adds to a recent Reader cover story and the third is about where I work (The French Gourmet in Pacific Beach).

The last time I had a stack of stories and trouble posting (Border Bombs/San Ysidro garitay), I got really pissed off. Funny how a few incisions in your lower abdomen can change a fellow's perspective on the exact same situation. If those stories never get posted, oh well. That's because I awoke from my anesthesia. So all my prayers were answered. No more wishes for me. Not for a long time. I've used my quota.

In a few days I'll be back in Tijuana (I hope). Sitting on the front porch of my Palatial Wooden Shack and smiling because Trini will be by my side. Her TLC is all the medicine I need.

Maybe my natural inclination toward orneriness will return and maybe it won't. If not that's ok. And if this story comes out all chopped up like the past half dozen or more well that's ok too.

In the end all that matters is my health and that of those I love. The rest is just frosting on the cake. Did someone say cake? I'm feeling better already.

                                           COFFEE'S READY, GOTTA GO...!!!


(Reader_Admin: Please don't delete this comment, at least until Mr. Rangel has an opportunity to read it.)


When Admin fixed your last entry, Admin deleted a couple of comments that might have been helpful. Admin suggested that you simply type your story into the interface on the Reader web page. I know why you won't do that, so I'll offer a go-around. To be fair to Admin, the Reader has a fine interface, I have no complaints, but I do have some practical experience in both writing and publishing online stuff. I know that places like where you live are often lucky just to have electricity, much less telephone line access or ADSL. When I first moved here, no one had a telephone, there weren't any lines. I wrote at home offline, saved to a diskette, and found someplace that charged for internet.

Also, I write a lot. I bet that you do as well. We fall in love with our word processing programs. Except for comments here, for example, I write all of my stories and articles in MS Word '97. I don't want a newer or older version, or anything different. I have used newer, older, and other products dating all of the way back to Wordstar (yes, I'm really old). Even if you had internet access out there, I bet you would still use whatever you're using. I totally understand.

Best solution takes an extra step, but it works swimmingly. Get a free blogging account (I recommend livejournal.com because it works). Copy and paste your text into that blog account you've created. In Livejournal, you can publish everything privately, so there's no need to worry about it being seen on the internet. Once you publish it in that blog, then you can edit your story, copy it, and paste it right into the Reader.

The unseen code in your word processing program will have disappeared (the code in Livejournal's interface handles it automatically and tosses nefarious code aside; other interfaces may not). Your story will publish here properly. After a few times, you'll find that the extra step doesn't take so long.

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