Perchance to Dream

It is positioning before away the large realization under a zero under the blankets inserting lines like they are before writing i should dive in a score and release a statement champions should dive feet first, lovers scalp first again touching she slips under the weight of the world chopping at any walls disappearing blindly throughout the invisible foggy dimensions

we lubricate our ears to hear the faintest sound their call outward towards each other streets are pipes, hearts are the plumbing mine pulling outward pounding on the very cage that contains it

Her blood boils beside his wagers outward lounges should they quickly disappear the tokens of kiss or cushy mushed up paperbacks eating delicately

swelling fully she is my loves sponge could they listen when a interpretation of your lucky madness? starving masochistic he implodes a life of story's prisoners chasing it to write down words of benefaction they holler for more lieing and less realism i am bashing these teeth in my dreams in my realities my horse rides takes outward toward those cliffs where stood two in one silhouettes


"Cushy mushed up paperbacks"--"cliffs where stood two in one silhouette"--very, very nice, KJ.

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