After Forever

At this speed nothing could stop me Only project my life into the next like a cannon ball rider where I would wait an hour or an eternity like she waits for me

Its blurry at 110 mph like being next to a fire It's like being next to her my eyes have one desire and everything else seems moot for that I would race across the globe to find that tresure and I will find her like she found me in parking lots at the worlds end after forever

time died with broken hearts it was mended by broken hearts into a different clock, an antique the hands move like waves its shaped like a moon and rotates counter clockwise

no forward, no present, a past tsunamied away just hand holding, soft lips and each beautiful new day

When I find her I will make a meal of her scent feed on her lovely movements devour her elegant aura sip on the gentleness of her words breathe in her love

Who needs Oxygen when you could have her? Why eat if substance is found in her radiant ways? Drink is poison compared to the pure liquids she holds inside and trades on my lips

Creating immortal love freely floating unhindered by ticking


Wow, KJ, does THIS one speak to me! Killer closing.

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