A meaningless holiday yet one with which she shares her connatural native tongue with me flurry's of whispered words circling repeating

No secrecy to vail each open like a trail to sea like river mountain streams

miles and distance away through where everything ends and begins purified and washed clean

a city the state of mind roads streets sidewalk synapse neuron pre-frontal cortex only one of its kind everything but what can be seen

in this life described by kindness in lieu of kindness the mulberry double tree of mere beings blessed about with proper right to sing outwards toward the incipient cosmos to bring about a favorable harmony

like the gold feathered birds riding the crest of an offset wind gust similar to off tune piano keys

over the houses into February night sky two in one one in two she and I her and me


"Two in one one in two she and I her and me," "everything but what can be seen"...lovely.

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