A fools debate

past the burnt out streets our shadows slipped and scurried by whisked away by feet the breeze a chill to warm my closed eyes while falling in a tale

a song for boulevards a harmony uniquely ours for random passersbys you hummed the high the low was mine while falling in a tale

time wound silent by all the while we waved it off goodbye the streetcars at our side laughing at the site of us laughing at them

will you go this time? where exactly is the rising tide? that leaves you looking for a proper place to hide shy away hide your face from away from my embrace

wrapped in a fog filled dawn i sat alone upon the stairs a road beneath my feet cast rhythms sweetly towards my ears and drowned out all my cares

It left me asking why? what exactly is this burning light? That washes me away from right beside your love stained satin gaze

Through the thistle marshes there I took your hand and disappeared we left no notes for them to tell to tell the tale of why


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