Tweeker or Tweaker! Is there a difference?

I was awakened on a morning at around 2:30am to what I thought was a helicopter hovering around or above my house, so I got up to see what was going on and took a look from my window.

It was my neighbor mowing his lawn! my first thought was ' who cuts their grass at 2:30 am in the morning'?.

The following night I mean morning again I was awakened this time around 2:00 am to some loud banging noises and once again took a look from my window and it was my neighbor hammering on his car! I beleive he was trying to take his rear drum brake off!

And once again I asked my self what would cause anyone to work on their car so early in the morning?

Is there a Difference?


My neighbor across the canyon does the same thing -- mows his lawn at midnight. He sets out these giant floodlights and goes to town. He's done it consistently over the past ten years. I used to think it was a drug thing. Now I think that he works long hours and that's the only time he can get to it. I dunno. It's so fascinating that I don't even find it annoying!

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