Riverside: Jeff Stone! When endorsements come early?


Let me think about this for a moment… Jeff Stone’s rumor or fact of possibly running for Congress sparks insecurities in Riverside County how? All of a sudden Calvert started receiving endorsements.

Where some say it sends a clear message to voters: That even Jeff Stone’s own colleagues don’t support his congressional aspirations. So why should you?

In a County that is in much need of change and once again these are the types of stunts that continued to be played, I live in Riverside County and I don’t want to continue dealing with all the ‘Same Oh Same Oh’ and or dealing with more delayed and or broken promises that are made in oder to be elected. The County needs change not Same! Jeff Stone has a proven track record and has fought hard for a lot of things for this County to move Forward, his leadership experience, knowledge, Business experience and determination should be exactly what this county needs in order to release the tight grip which has been held for so long by what most call or say a ’ Controlling Club Member(s)’ .

The ‘ Premature move ‘ In endorsements just proved one’s true colors to many County Residents in Riverside. Riverside wants CHANGE! not another repeat of delayed actions. Who wants SAME? Just take a hard look at those whom were so fast to Endorse their fellow colleague,club member and or what ever you want to call it!

How can this County survive if it continues to stay on a repeated Dream?

That’s my thought and opinion


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