Gavin Hardkiss spins tales of local EDM culture in Cubic Lust

Sex, drugs, and mashups: what a deejay does

This is how Cubic Lust starts: "Wake up in a pool of blood. It's soaked into the sheets of this oversized bed. Everything is blinding white."">Cubic Lust, a first novel written by Bay Area deejay/producer Gavin Hardkiss is due out on Amazon in hard copy on May 29 (it's already available on Kindle.) I catch up with Hardkiss by phone. He's on the road, on his way to a meeting at his kid's school. Things have apparently changed since the bodily fluid saturated high times that inspired the book. I inquire after his accent: South African, it turns out.

"I finished high school in Johannesburg and came to the States in 1986 to go to college."

Hardkiss eventually migrated west and lived in San Diego from 2006 to 2009 in Normal Heights. "I still have strong roots down there and return as often as I can." Here, he hooked up with the Ugly Crew, two deejays named Lee Reynolds and Alex Villalobos.

"Those two are pretty notorious for after-hours all weekend parties."

Apparently, Hardkiss not only partied like a true fun devil on a mission, but he took notes. He says the following, for example, comes from a reenactment of an evening at Kadan, a now-defunct club located on Adams Avenue near Kensington:">"Wanna split an E?" "Ok." She twists a capsule and gives it to me. I pop it in my mouth and swallow. "Where's my half?" she says. "Didn't you give me half?" "No dumbass. You were supposed to bite it in half." "Shit - sorry."

Hardkiss says a few of the scenes in Cubic Lust are based in San Diego, most of which are far too X-rated to repeat here. But the line between reportage and fantasy are admittedly blurred. "I used my journal entries as a launch pad and then let them play into my own fantasies."

He calls San Diego "an interesting city. You've got this rigid structure of university students, and there's the conservative military establishment. But there are pockets of madness, and you've just gotta find them."

Gavin Hardkiss spins at Herringbone in La Jolla Friday May 24">" alt="Cubic - not pubic - Lust: an ex-San Diegan's insider fantasy about sex, illicit substances, and electronic dance culture">">Cubic - not pubic - Lust: an ex-San Diegan's insider fantasy about sex, illicit substances, and electronic dance culture by Dave Good


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