Get well soon, Jeffrey Joe! Mira Mesa troubador hospitalized

"He's awake and alert but breathing tubes are still in," according to friends.

Mira Mesa blues singer/guitarist">Jeffrey Joe Morin is in the hospital, "mending from some heart complications" according to his Facebook page today.

"He's awake and alert but breathing tubes are still in," reads a post from fellow musico">Lindsay White of">the Lovebirds. "I asked how he felt about more visitors but I think he wants to wait until the tubes are out so it's less frustrating to communicate. So far they think this will happen later today or tomorrow. I'll keep you guys posted on when we can call in the troops." Dozens of well wishes have been posted in response.

“I play and sing ballads, blues, and heart-broke laments, but in a source-obscuring style that I like to call ‘acoustic-schlock therapy,’” Morin told the Reader last year. “My checkered past includes skippering a tugboat on the San Francisco Bay and sinking boats as a brown-water river sailor with the Vietnamese Navy.”

“As soon as I left Mar Vista High School [Imperial Beach] in ’65, I got drafted and followed my old man into the Navy. After flunking out of electronics school in San Francisco, I was a deckhand and later craft master on tugboats, working out of Hunter’s Point Naval Shipyard. By January of 1969 I was an advisor to the Vietnamese Navy Junk Force’s Coastal Group 14 on the Cua Dai River, 40 miles south of Da Nang. We stopped and searched river traffic all day. We patrolled and we got shot at all night.”

When he returned to civilian life, Morin earned a B.F.A. in design from CalArts and began playing in a series of local bands. “I never really quit music,” he says. “I’ve played the guitar for nearly 50 years and the harmonica for 40, and now people actually pay to see and hear me do this.”

The 1965 graduate of Mar Vista High describes his performances as “Generally genre non-specific. I archive, treasure, and exhibit 20th-century American-standard songs of love, romance, and dramatic introspection. I make every effort to present the American songbook as stylelessly and guilelessly as possible.”

Morin also plays with a trio called Johnson, Bosley, and Morin (aka “JoBozMo”), alongside Jack Johnson and John Bosley.

Get well soon, Jeffrey Joe! The Reader, and countless others, are sending well-wishes your way --

(Header photo by Dennis Andersen)


JJ sent Reader readers this message update today: "Thank you SO much! Home & healing!" Yay team Jeffrey!

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