Kill the mother kill the baby

The story of Gesualdo's mania continues with infanticide.

I wish I could say that Gesualdo’s atrocities ended with the murder of his wife and her lover. I cannot.

The double murder occurred at Gesualdo’s town-palace in Naples. He immediately fled to his castle in the town of Gesualdo.

Since this was Gesualdo’s territory, there is no written evidence of what happened when he arrived. Legend has it that he single-handedly chopped down every tree surrounding the village.

That’s insane but clear-cutting is a sin we've been okay with in the past.

However, Gesualdo became skeptical that he was indeed the father of his infant son. Still in the grip of maniacal rage, Gesualdo instructed his servants to hang the child in a massive swing from the balcony of the castle.

The servants were to swing the infant violently in an attempt to force the air from the baby’s lungs, thereby suffocating it.

Gesualdo hired musicians to sing until the baby was dead. The musicians stopped singing three days later.


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