Duncan Moore Presents: Drum Summit 2012, Sept.16 @ Tango Del Rey

San Diego jazz drum master Duncan Moore will present Drum Summit 2012 this Sunday, Sept. 16, 7:00 pm at Tango Del Rey in Pacific Beach in a Chuck Perrin/dizzy's production.

Moore has done several of these presentations before--this one will differ in several important ways--first, Moore himself will not be performing, and secondly, the number of drummers involved has been paired down to five.

"In the past, we've had 8 or 9, at the most," said Moore. "And this time I opted for 5 primarily for the sake of not letting it go too long, and also for the planning aspect of it."

Long time associates Russell Bizzett (another jazz master), Latin-jazz drummer Mike Holguin, and classical percussionist Jon Szanto have been featured in previous Dum Summit's. New this year are percussionist Charlie Chavez and world music artist Monette Marino-Keita. Chavez and Holguin will perform together as they do every Wed. night with trumpeter Gilbert Castellanos at the El Camino in North Little Italy.

Bizzett will perform with bassist Rob Thorsen, pianist Mikan Zlatkovich and Castellanos.

I asked Moore what drew him to these particular drummers.

"Well, Russell, I love his playing--he's very musical," Moore said. "Even though we're both jazz drummers playing in the same city, I've never felt a negative/competitive vibe from him."

"I've known Jon Szantos for years, and his performances have been some of my favorites--just because I never know quite what to expect--one year he did this absolutely gorgeous marimba piece, and another year he did a piece for maracas--and it was spellbinding."

"Monette--she's a great musician. I've known her for years and she's been doing a lot of really interesting things with her own group--and I wanted to have something outside of mainstream jazz or Latin music. She's really good at World Music. I've wanted to include her before, and it was time to get some new faces in there."

And what about the Holguin/ Chavez team?

"Well, we wanted to represent the Latin-jazz thing, and Charlie and Mike, they play with Gilbert Castellanos all the time-- so they just have this really incredible communication--they play so well together, and they're both such great musicians."

Some of these summit things can get a little out of hand, time wise, so Moore believes this line-up will be easier on the audience attention span/stamina level--an important dynamic for him.

"I'm going to try and limit each act to 25 minutes--so we should be able to present two comfortable sets at approximately one hour each," says the drummer/organizer. Moore also stresses the friendly, supportive aspect of it all--another meaningful issue.

"Again, there's just a friendly vibe. I don't want it to be an uptight, competition kind of thing. I want it to be just like a family of drummers, sharing--and so far, that's the way its been."

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by Robert Bush

Concert poster by Jamie Shadowlight


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