Did you get Jack'd?

Jack FM, the radio home of the top-rated Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw morning show, was heavily promoting its only big concert event of the year. The largest concert facility in town, the 20,000-capacity Cricket Amphitheatre in Chula Vista, was to host the September 14 show featuring Joe Walsh, Pat Benatar and Neil Geraldo, the Gin Blossoms, Toto, and MC Hammer. To drive home the fact the station was involved, the event was called "Jack's Big Show."

The station pumped the show in July and August with prerecorded commercials. The Dave, Shelly & Chainsaw team told its listeners that for everyone who bought a ticket, the station would provide a free ticket to active-duty military and their families. DSC interviewed the military families who won tickets on the air, promising them a chance to go to their big show for free.

But while Jack FM's name was on the event, the actual promoter was mega concert company Live Nation which owns the Cricket Amphitheater.

Ticket sales were slow, and Live Nation cancelled the show in mid-August. After pumping the show hard for a month, Jack FM never once mentioned on the air that the show was canceled.

“We mentioned on our website that due to unforseen circumstances, the show was called off,” says Jack FM program director Mike O'Riley. He admitted that ticket sales “were not keeping pace with expectations,” and that fact “absolutely” triggered Live Nation to cancel the show.

Live Nation did not cancel an identical show (with Dale Bozio of Missiing Persons added) the next day at Irvine Amphitheater.

But how could Dave Shelly and Chainsaw get all that feelgood live radio by giving out tickets to service men and women, and then not even announce the show was called off?

“All those families were contacted and given tickets to other shows,” says O'Riley.

“We took care of everybody. Every one who bought a ticket got a refund.”

But the question remains, why wouldn't Jack FM tell its listeners that Jack's Big Show was not happening?

“[Jack FM] just didn't want to admit that the very core of their being, being an effective advertising vehicle, was not there,” says one insider. “Announcing that the show was off was the right thing to do, but if they did that, it would be a stake through the heart of radio. They would be admitting they aren't effective.”

Insiders, however, say the multi-genre talent lineup of the show made it harder to sell tickets.

The management for Joe Walsh and Gin Blossoms had no comment.


I got Jacked... I had front row seats for this Jack FM show in San Diego...

After some digging, I was able to find front row seats for the Irvine by getting the Ultimate rockstar Package which was front row seats, hotel stay where the staff & artists were staying, shuttle to the show, backstage VIP and a meet and greet with the choice of our artist.

Pricey, but it was worth it (at the time I thought) because of the Meet N Greet and backstage VIP being peddled.

My first choice was Pat Benatar but due to large demand I was told it may not happen. I was one of the first few to purchase the Ultimate Rockstar Package and they are going to tell me there is large demand? Why not start with us who are paying the most for the ultra expensive Ultimate Rockstar Package... I shrugged my shoulders, and figured oh well at least I can still possibly meet my 2nd or 3rd choice for meet and greet.

Well their backstage VIP was a tent with the same hot stale and still air. No misters, no fans. I only consumed my drink tickets, got a few burgers on two visits, and avoided that poor excuse for a VIP backstage tent.

Then for the Meet N Greet. I got to attend the one for Missing Persons (Dale Bozzio). I'm a veteran of front row shows, VIp packages, and Meet N greets.

This is the worst meet n greet I have ever been to. Its not even a Meet n greet. Its an ushwered next to the standing artist, have your picture taken, only enough time to exchange pleasantries, and please exit now. That was freakin Garbage.

Dont get me wrong i'm glad Dale Bozzio and her keyoboardist came out, I also got to get my picture taken with Toto, when they came in after, but if the show producer doesn't know what they are doing or are going to do a half ass meet n greet, then DON'T DO IT AT ALL.

Jack 7th show producers, if you read this: A meet n greet is where you set up the artists at a table with chairs, provide them Sharpie markers, and we bring our items for them to sign (1 or 2 items) per person, shake hands, exchange a few words for 15-20 seconds per band member, and keep the line moving. This can be done within 45 minutes per artist/band.

Instead, they were more like 15 minutes, we were photographed and kicked out within 15 seconds after waiting for up to 30 minutes and even then people were Denied/turned away even from the half ass meet n greet.

I won't do a package with Jack FM at this price again. I plan to write them a letter and include my credentials to being a front row concert whore to set them straight. If they listen, they will get my business in thbe future. if not, there loss. And it will be their loss, as there were quite a few Ultimate Rockstar packages unsold (empty seats in the front) that were taken over by some.

Other than those two issues I have, everything esle was A+.

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