One Milligram Xanax, a Pinch of Playful Pout

Last Thursday night I stepped out of the San Diego night-time chill and into the soothing heat of a lazy New Orleans summer day — Linnzi Zaorski, regular of New Orleans' Frenchmen Street, was playing Bar Pink and warming up the place with her swinging, naughty-sweet renditions of jazz standards such as "Blue Skies" and "Sheik of Araby."

There were swing dancers on the floor, and their feet and elbows flew through two sets. No wonder, Linnzie and her band were as smooth and lively as her blonde and coiled coiffure.

With her sultry lilt backed by guitar, bass, and a skittering trumpet, Zaorski is usually classified as "neo-trad jazz," but her sound is more specific: three parts French gypsy swing; one part American big band; one milligram Xanax, with a pinch of playful pout.

Only problem, in the words of one concertgoer: "It's nothing I haven't heard before." As with neo-anything, there's gonna be a dearth of originality.

Words of advice: stretch tradition as far as it'll go — a jazz interpretation of Bizet's "L'amour est un oisseau rebelle" perhaps? More eyeliner.

Concert: Linnzi Zaorski

Date: February 23

Venue: Bar Pink

Seats: N/A

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